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Poppy A Tale From Dimwood Forest

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1 Poppy A Tale From Dimwood Forest
Book by: Avi PowerPoint By: Shaye

2 Chapter I Mr.Ocax Poppy the mouse really wants to have a romantic dance with her boyfriend Ragweed under a log on Bannock Hill cause under a log will be safer. Instead Ragweed would just stand outside the log. Ragweed wore a earring and a chain around his neck. Right when Poppy finally got out of the log worried the owl Mr.Ocax the owl that rules the forest and she was not aloud well nobody was aloud to go on Bannock Hill without Mr.Ocax’s permission. But when she got out of the log she screamed Ragweed and Ragweed said “hold on let me just eat this perfect hazelnut” but before they could do anything Mr.Ocax swooped down and scrapped Poppy's noise and grabbed Ragweed and flew away with Ragweed dead in his mouth Poppy fainted Mr.Ocax said he’d be back for Poppy.

3 Chapter 2 Poppy Remembers
Poppy and her family were talking about how dangerous porcupines are to mice and they have to ask Mr. Ocax’s permission to go on the mountain. But the dad doesn’t want them to because he thinks creatures would get the mice confused with porcupines. They are thinking about flash backs of Ragweed . Poppy is still on the mountain hiding from Mr.Ocax . She missed ragweed I would too if I were Poppy.

4 Chapter 3 poppy alone Poppy escaped from Mr.Ocax. He got super frustrated trying to catch Poppy. Poppy was relieved that she got away. The owl threw up Ragweed's earring and bones that he wasn’t able to swallow. She kept the earring

5 Chapter 4 The Emergency Meeting
Poppy’s family calls an emergency meeting in Grey House. Poppy cant decide what to say to her parents about Ragweed because they wanted to know what happened. So she told them about Ragweed. Now Poppy’s dad wants poppy to go to Mr.Ocax with him. Her dad is mad at Poppy because her and Ragweed didn’t ask permission with Mr.Ocax to go on Bannock Hill.

6 Chapter 5 Leaving Grey House
Poppy told the whole family about Ragweed. The dad takes Poppy to Mr.Ocax. They are keeping the emergency meeting flag up. Poppy has never seen her dad afraid before but he was. They saw Mr.Ocax watching tree and heard him too.

7 Chapter 6 standing before Mr.Ocax
They find Mr.Ocax. The dad mouse introduced Poppy to Mr.Ocax Mr.Ocax says “I think we've already met” Poppy was very scared. Mr.Ocax asked what happened to her nose? Poppy didn’t know what to say because Mr.Ocax did it. Lungwort asked for permission to go to New House. Mr.Ocax asked why and Lungwort said there's not enough food around grey house. He said no because Poppy didn’t ask permission to go to the hill. Mr.Ocax said he would let them move if they let Poppy stay for his dinner but they didn’t do that so they headed home.

8 Chapter 7 Home Again Poppy thought why she had gone to this hill with out the owls permission. When they got back from Mr.Ocax’s tree all of the mice were cheering. Poppy told them that Mr.Ocax didn’t let them move to new house it was all because of her and she didn’t ask permission to go to Bannock Hill everyone was a little disappointed with Poppy. Just until she pulled out Ragweed’s earring everyone was surprised to see it. She thought that she heard Mr.Ocax refusing permission to move to new house but it was just a dream.

9 Chapter 8 Poppy And Papa grey house New house
Papa is ill. They say they’ve never seen him look so poorly. Poppy goes to talk to him Papa is upset with Poppy too. Poppy thinks that Papa’s hair has even grown grayer than it was. Poppy thinks that Mr.Ocax has something at new house that he doesn’t want them to see there so she left to New House. grey house New house

10 Chapter 9 On her way Poppy found a pair of slippers so she put them on her feet she pictured as someone kissing her paws. She started to dance just like the people in the pictures she seen. She thought that she heard someone whispering in her ear. Poppy couldn’t figure how to get over Glitter Creek so she decided to jump from rock to rock in the creek when she came the spot when a turtle sleeping on a rock that she had to jump on she has to try and make a quick leap on to the turtles back when she was thinking about doing that plan she saw another low rock to jump on she saw Mr.Ocax flying toward her while she was on the rock she tried to jump to the other low rock but she didn’t make it she fell into the water she swam for a long time under the water when she got out of the water she lay down on her back with her eyes closed when she woke up she rolled over and threw up the water that she had swallowed under the water.

11 Chapterchach10 Dimwood Forest
Chapter 10 Dimwood Forest Chapterchach10 Dimwood Forest Poppy is searching for a place to hide from Mr.Ocax. She suddenly heard a small tapping sound she wondered where it was coming she ducked. A little while later she heard another one from a different direction she got so scared she started to shiver! She almost found was making that noise but when she did she would have froze!!!!!!!!!! It was a fox the fox chases her into a log there was a porcupine in that log the porcupine's name was Ereth it turned out that he was very nice and lazy.

12 Chapter 11 Erethizon Dorsatum
The porcupine walked slowly out of it’s log and said “what the bee’s butts do you want fur ball?” Right to Poppy he said the name is Ereth Erethizon Dorsatum. The fox is barking outside of the log Ereth thinks its Poppy. Ereth said you're so small I can barely even see you. Poppy said I’m a deer mouse a girl deer mouse my name is Poppy he said what kind of stupid name is Poppy? Poppy said please it’s a family tradition we are all named after flowers. Poppy was about to run through the fox’s legs when Ereth yells why the devils are hiding inside of my log Poppy kind of ignored him. what the bees butts are you talking about

13 Chapter 12 what poppy learns
They found out that Mr.Ocax is lying and porcupines will not eat mice because they are vegetarians. Poppy wants to take a nap so she layed down. a Ereth walked in and said I wouldn’t be resting there. Poppy asked why? Ereth said because that’s my toilet. Poppy got out.

14 Chapter 13 Early Morning Poppy woke up in a nice warm and cozy spot and Ereth wasn’t there when Ereth came back Poppy said to him do you love anything? Ereth said yes I do Poppy said what is it and Ereth replied salt. The salt is at new house but I cant reach it said Ereth but you can climb and get it for me. Well Poppy said will you maybe take me to new house? Well only if you can get me the salt. Deal said Poppy.

15 Chapter 14 On the way to new house
They were walking to new house. She sees Mr.Ocax following them. Ereth thought she was lying. They thought that Ocax didn’t want them to see something at new house. They got to new house when they get there they see an owl TWICE THE SIZE OF MR.OCAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Chapter 15 Alone Again Ereth didn’t notice the big owl he just wanted the salt. So he left Poppy all alone. She fell when she got up to the salt she didn’t see Ereth in the corn field when Ereth left he left one of his quills Poppy kept it for protection. Poppy did not know why Mr.Ocax didn’t want her family to move to new house I think it’s a fake owl.

17 Chapter 16 The truth at last
There was a tom cat Poppy thought that the owl would eat the cat. The just slept he also found a boy with a hook Poppy had never seen a real person. The boy pet the cat and went into the barn. Poppy saw the boy turn the owl on the window sell. Poppy is watching to see if the owl is fake and it was. She got scared of the deer and the fawns so she almost used the quill. Poppy asked the tom cat about the owl the cat said the owl was fake . Mr.Ocax is scared of the owl he doesn’t know it’s fake.

18 Chapter 17 A surprising conversation
The forest made her think of Ereth and how she promised to get him the salt but she didn’t know how. Poppy also wants to tell Mr.Ocax about what she discovered at new house Poppy called “Mr.Ocax!!!!!!!”. Mr.Ocax couldn't find where the voice is coming from so Poppy yelled over here. Poppy said to Mr.Ocax its an awful feeling to be scared isn’t it? He didn’t reply. When they were about to talk Mr.Ocax was gone the next thing you know Mr.Ocax plunged down behind Poppy.

19 Chapter 18 The battle Ragweed's earring saved Poppy. But she fell on the open road. Mr.Ocax stopped Poppy and said I don’t want you getting home alive tonight. Poppy got so afraid she just yelled out “ you're afraid of a fake owl you’re not an owl you’re a chicken.” Mr.Ocax snapped his beak and starred at Poppy while swooping above her. Mr.Ocax reached his claw down and just missed Poppy. She put the quill in his paw and hung onto it she let go of Ocax and he fell on the salt so hard he was half way dead. There is a lot more action.

20 Chapter 19 The return She looked at one of his feathers that flew off of him she had never looked at an owl feather before but she liked it she liked the feeling and the pattern on it. Mr.Ocax said softly why did I even bother protecting you mice anyway. And those were his last words in other words bye bye Ocax he was dead.

21 Chapter 20 A new beginning
Poppy got married to a guy named rye. They had babies and they moved next to the tree where Ragweed died they hung up his earring on the branch and danced around it and told memories from that place .

22 Conclusion page I think this book is very good and I can’t wait to read the other books by Avi and I give this book five stars. And the one on the back for good luck.

23 Random page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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