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Welcome to 4 th Grade! Mrs. Boyette Intermediate Center: 636-464-4451.

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1 Welcome to 4 th Grade! Mrs. Boyette Intermediate Center: 636-464-4451

2 Mrs. Boyette’s Family

3 Meet Your Teachers! Mrs. Boyette, Science/Social Studies Ms. Shackleford, Mathematics Mrs. Lalk, Communication Arts

4 Schedule 8:05-Morning Work 8:20-Math (Ms. Shackleford) 9:55-Communication Arts(Mrs. Lalk) 11:30-Lunch/Recess 12:20-Science(Mrs. Boyette) 2:00-Specials 2:55-Pack up

5 Assignments Assignments are given throughout the day. Students add assignments to their planner during the day, or at the end of the day when assignments are posted on the classroom planner. On all assignments, students are expected to answer open-ended questions in COMPLETE sentences, and/or show all work. Students must complete all assignments neatly and on their own. They should only ask for help when they have given their best effort first. All assignments will be due the next class period unless otherwise specified. AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION- If a child receives four late assignments in a quarter, they will receive a warning from the building principal. If they receive a fifth late assignment in that quarter, they will have to serve after school detention.

6 Reading Counts Students are required to read at least 16 Reading Counts books on their reading level this year. Students should plan to read at home about 15 minutes each day in addition to the independent reading time during school. Students will take a Reading Counts quiz about the book and that will count as a reading grade. Quizzes must be completed on or before the due date that follows.

7 Behavior/Expectations/Behavior Management System Students are expected to show appropriate behavior in the classroom, the school building, and grounds. It is my expectation that all students will behave in a manner that is acceptable and allows others to enjoy their rights and earned privileges. We will be using a reward system to encourage expected behaviors. Children will be given a ticket when displaying appropriate choices. There will be weekly, random drawings of these tickets to earn prizes. When not following expectations, children will be given verbal warnings first. If behavior continues, children will remove their green stick and be required to sit out of recess for 5 minutes. This would be considered a minor. The total of minors will be displayed on the Teacher Messenger which comes home in the Friday Folder. If the behavior does not stop, children will remove the yellow stick and fill out a think sheet in study hall which will require a parent signature. If behavior continues a red stick will be pulled and an office referral will result. This resets weekly.

8 PBS Incentive If your child receives no write ups and has 95% attendance each semester they will be able to attend the incentive for that specific semester. The write ups and attendance reset every semester. 95% attendance is no more than 3 days a semester. There are no exceptions to the write ups or absences that occur.

9 Volunteers If you plan on volunteering or attending a field trip we are asking for every parent, guardian, or who the volunteer may be to have a background check done.

10 Things to Know….. Transportation will be located in front of the new gym. You can visit them for any transportation questions you may have. If you need to see the balance of your child’s lunch account or make a payment please visit the cafeteria. Someone from the cafeteria staff will be there to assist you.

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