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Magoffin County High School

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1 Magoffin County High School
Welcome! [ ] School Year Magoffin County High School Mrs. Minix Room: 118 10th ,11th & 12th grades 4/6/2017

2 Agenda/Topics to Be Covered
Mission Statement/Goals Who’s Who Opening Question Classroom Procedures Classroom rules Grading Summary 4/6/2017

3 Opening Question What do you hope to learn this year? 4/6/2017

4 Mission Statement/Goals
We are a family! “We are in it together” Follow the classroom rule: Respect one another Come to class prepared to learn Bring pencil & paper to class everyday 4/6/2017

5 Who’s Who Welcome to Mrs. Minix’s class Room: 118
Mrs. Minix’s Schedule 1st Coll. Eng III (B. Conley) 2nd English II 3rd Planning 4th Science III 5th English III 6th English IV 7th Coll. Eng IV (T. Hensley) 4/6/2017

6 About Mrs. Minix I have a Master degree in Special Education & Regular Education & Rank I Principal ship I have been teaching for 6 years I taught for 3 years at the Alternative School This is my 3rd year teaching at the high school 4/6/2017

7 My Family Dwight J (my husband) 4/6/2017

8 Elliot (oldest son) 4/6/2017

9 Chase 4/6/2017

10 Jaden (step-daughter)

11 Hobbies & Interests I enjoy reading, spending time out doors, fishing, and riding horses. 4/6/2017

12 School Rules Students are not allowed in the hall during class time without a hall pass Students are only allowed to use cell phones during lunch, before or after school Student are not allowed to leave class to go to another classroom unless the other classroom teacher calls and asks the teacher or substitute teacher Students must have a note to go to the library Students are not allowed to play cards 4/6/2017

13 Tobacco Products Absolutely no chewing tobacco in class
It will not be allowed You will be referred to the office 4/6/2017

14 Mrs. Minix’s Classroom Rule:
Respect one another. (We will be spending the rest of the school year together; let’s make the best of it) 4/6/2017

15 Rules Explained While I am involved in teaching a lesson, the students are only allowed to talk when I ask a specific student or the students are to be involved in a group discussion. Students are to sharpen pencils at the beginning or end of the class period.  Every student will show respect towards other students and materials in the classroom and the school building. 4/6/2017

16 Eating in class You have to earn this privilege. How do you earn it?
By following the class rules & expectations. Don’t bring full meals unless you bring one for everyone. 4/6/2017

17 Cell Phones & Electronic Device Policy
The use of cellular phones, pagers, or electronic devices by students on campus is only permitted before or after normal school hours or during your lunch period. During regular school hours excluding lunch, the device must remain “off” and be stored in a locker, backpack, purse, pocket, or other place where it is not visible. If a device is observed or heard by school staff, it will be taken & turned in to an administrator. 4/6/2017

18 Offenses 1st Offense- Device is taken and returned at the end of the school day 2nd Offense- Device is taken and returned to the student at the end of day and the parent/guardian is notified 3rd Offense – Device taken, returned to parent and one day of after school detention 4/6/2017

19 Late for Class 1st Offense- Write your name in the break detention book 2nd Offense – Student develop a plan of action to be on time for class 3rd Offense – Contact Parent (schedule a parent, student, teacher conference) 4th Offense – Office referral 4/6/2017

20 Classroom Policies # 1 Rule: Respect yourself & others Bell Schedule
I generally do not assign homework unless you do not complete your in-class assignment it then becomes homework Classroom management plan 4/6/2017

21 Classroom Procedures Are you a little bit unsure of how to get the teacher's attention? Embarrassed because others may laugh at you if you do the wrong thing? Welcome to the club! We all feel that way at some time. That is why it is good to know what is expected of you. By knowing the procedures, you will be happier in the classroom. 4/6/2017

22 Entering the Classroom
Enter quietly. If your teacher is at the door, give a greeting, e.g. "Good morning, Mrs. Minix." This is common courtesy and a practice that you will want to carry over to other areas of your life. Go to your seat and put down your book, binder, and materials. Take out your materials and make sure that you have a sharpened pencil. Begin the Bell Work. It will either be on your desk, on the overhead, television, or on the assignment board. Work on this until you finish or the teacher asks you to stop. If you finish early, remain in your seat and read a book or write in your journal. 4/6/2017

23 When you are tardy Enter the classroom quietly.
If it is an excused tardy go to your seat as quietly as possible. Put your tardy slip in the pink tub on tardy table. Follow the procedure for Entering the Classroom. 4/6/2017

24 If it is an unexcused tardy
Follow the unexcused tardy procedure 1. Write your name in the tardy folder that is on the tardy table 2. Follow the procedure for Entering the Classroom 4/6/2017

25 Leaving the Classroom Before the End of Class
If the teacher gives her permission for you to leave the room, then: Put any loose papers or materials inside your desk so that they will not “disappear” while you are gone. Write your name on the "Out" section of the board. Quietly leave. If the door is open, keep it open. If the door was closed, quietly close it. When you return erase your name on the "Out" section of the board. Return to your seat and quietly resume what you were doing. 4/6/2017

26 End of Period Class Dismissal
Gather up your supplies and personal belonging (take what you brought in back out with you). Wipe off the top of your desk. Pick up papers and debris on the floor around your desk. Sit quietly at your seat and wait for the teacher/class helper to dismiss you. Quietly leave the room, when the teacher dismisses you. 4/6/2017

27 Asking a Question When the teacher or someone else is talking: Quietly raise your hand and wait to be called. When the class is quietly working: Quietly raise your hand and wait for the teacher to get to you. Continue working while you wait for the teacher. 4/6/2017

28 Sharpening Your Pencil
This should be done at the beginning of class, as outlined in the procedure for Entering the Classroom. If the need rises, however, during instruction time, quietly sharpen your pencil. 4/6/2017

29 Responding to my Request for Attention
When you see my raised hand or hear me say may I have your attention, Give Me Five! Eyes on speaker Quiet Be still Hands free (put things down) Listen 4/6/2017

30 Saying “please & thank you”
You will notice that when your teacher requests something of you, she will say "Please" and when you complete a request from your teacher, she will say "Thank You". You should also use these words with requests. They make the classroom climate more pleasant and they are common courtesies that you will want to carry over to other areas of your life. 4/6/2017

31 If you have any questions about these, please see me.
These are the procedures which you need to follow to maximize your time and learning in Room 118 (or with Mrs. Minix, wherever she is). We will practice these during the first few classes until they become a part of your routine. If you have any questions about these, please see me. 4/6/2017

32 Grading You will start out with an A for the class
You will receive a progress report every 9 weeks You will receive a grade for class attendance, class participation, class assignments, handouts, quizzes, and tests. You will keep a notebook with your completed work in it and turn it in for a grade every nine weeks 4/6/2017

33 Bonus Points Bonus Points: Extra work, at times merits extra points.
 I will offer various extra credit opportunities throughout the year. 4/6/2017

34 How to contact Mrs. Minix
I can be reached during my planning period Phone: Extension: 7118 4/6/2017

35 Student Contract Student Contract Let’s review your responsibilities
Please sign where it says student Take home your student responsibility packet, review it with your parent/guardian, and ask them to sign the part of your student contract where it says parent/guardian signature. 4/6/2017

36 The End We will discuss other procedures as the need arises.
Please review your student contract and take it home discuss it with you parents and ask one of them to sign it and return it to me tomorrow. I look forward to being your teacher this school year. 4/6/2017

37 Break Detention 4/6/2017

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