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What to do if you……..

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1 What to do if you…….

2 …see me do this: When I need your attention, I will raise my hand.
Please stop talking and put you hand in the air too. I expect 100% cooperation in 5 seconds and thank you for your contribution to our class.

3 …have a missing or broken pen/pencil.
If you don’t have a working pen or pencil, bring your backpack to me. I will trade your backpack for a pen. I do not have pencils or pencil sharpeners. When your table is dismissed, bring my pen back and I will give you your backpack. Only come behind my table if I explicitly tell you to.

4 …are sick or out. Check your journal – I will put any handouts inside the front. In your journal write in the days you were sick so I know if I am grading. Enter the days you were missing into your table of contents (TOC). I will also printout a copy of the day’s instructions so you will know what to do. Talk with me after class, we will decide by when you need to make up the work.

5 … have a backpack. Have your pen/pencil easily accessible in your backpack. Get it out after you greet me at the door. Either put your backpack in the “back-pack zone” and proceed to get your journal. Or keep your backpack on the floor.

6 … need a supply box. Designated table manager will get supplies from teacher desk when instructed to do so. Manager will check boxes to see all supplies are in it. When it is clean up time, manager will check to make sure all supplies are in the box. Supply manager turns in box and table is eligible for dismissal process.

7 …finish an assignment early.
Check to see if there is an “If you’re done…” assignment on your table instructions. If there isn’t or if you finish that too, feel free to read or work on something else. If you need reading material, get a book from by “current book/magazine collection”.

8 Homework Hand in homework when asked.
Pass it to the front of your lab table. Get homework back from your class box. This is your responsibility. You need your homework for study for tests. Tape/glue it into your journals. Often times, you will only get credit for homework if it is taped into your journal.

9 …you need to use the restroom.
There is no need for restroom passes in : 1st (go before school), 2nd (go during breakfast) or 6th (go during lunch). Generally, you should take care of your needs either before school, during breakfast or during lunch. Do not leave class during direct instruction or when we are reviewing instructions. Wait for independent practice. During independent practice give me one of your passes and you will get the bathroom pass. Other classes will have 2 restroom passes each 6 weeks. If you need more than 2, I will need to notify your parents that they need to have you checked for a medical problem. If you do not use your passes, turn them into me at the end of the 6 weeks for extra credit 5 points added to your grade.

10 …have/create an abundance of trash during class.
Generally, you can wait to throw away your trash until the end of class when you leave the room. If you can NOT wait, then you may throw away items during independent practice. (Please desist from disturbing direct teaching and instructions. Remember to leave your space AT LEAST as clean as you found it.

11 …have late homework/assignments.
1st day is 10 points 2nd day is 20 points 3rd day is 30 points 4th day is 40 points

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