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North Africa and Southwest Asia

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1 North Africa and Southwest Asia

2 Major Middle Eastern Capitals
Iraq – Baghdad Iran – Tehran Afghanistan – Kabul Israel – Jerusalem Syria – Damascus Egypt – Cairo

3 Land and Water There are several mountain ranges throughout the region. The Atlas Mountain Range is the longest mountain range in Africa. There are also lots of deserts. The Sahara Desert (North Africa) is the largest desert on earth. The Rub ‘al Khali, on the Arabian Peninsula, has sand mountains of 1000 feet tall or higher! The region has limited water so water is valuable. Cities usually rise up near rivers or lakes. 1. The Nile is the world’s longest river. It runs through Egypt and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. 2.The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers flow Southeast through Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

4 II. Climate - The climate is very hot and very dry.
Desert Most areas are desert climates (less than 10 in. of rain). Crops only grow along rivers and irrigation canals. Steppe – In this area, there is enough rain to support grasses, limited crops, and to raise some livestock. Mediterranean

5 III. Natural Resources – Oil reserves and natural gas reserves are found in certain areas.
IV. Economy A. Countries that export oil and natural gas, like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, are extremely wealthy. Those countries have a high standard of living and enjoy many modern conveniences. B. Countries without the oil resources are poor and unstable. Some get enough rain for farming and others rely on nomadic herding.

6 Muslims during morning prayer
V. Culture Languages: Arabic Hebrew Turkish Persian Religion: 85% Muslim 12% Judaism 3% Christianity Star of David Muslims during morning prayer Quran

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