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2 QUESTION 1 What is another term that describes the region of Southwest Asia? MIDDLE EAST

3 QUESTION 5 What is the name of the land inhabited by Palestinian Arabs but controlled by Israel west of the Jordan River? WEST BANK

4 QUESTION 9 What is the name of the sea that is part of the Indian Ocean near the countries of India, Pakistan, Iran, and the Arabian Peninsula? ARABIAN SEA

5 QUESTION 11 What dry and mountainous landlocked country that once had the Taliban government borders Pakistan and Iran? AFGHANISTAN

6 QUESTION 13 What country in the Middle East borders the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon and is considered the holy land to the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? ISRAEL

7 QUESTION 16 Turkey has built dams on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to generate hydroelectric power. Syria and Iraq complain that Turkey uses too much of the water. This environmental issue involves Water rights

8 QUESTION 20 Which country in the Middle East has the most oil reserves in the world and uses profits from this industry to build schools, roads, and provide jobs for its citizens? SAUDI ARABIA

9 QUESTION 15 What resource is scarce (in very limited supply) in the Middle East due to its arid (dry) climate? FRESH WATER

10 QUESTION 21 What is the name of the organization that consists of countries that have an abundance of oil and control the price and supply of petroleum (oil) they produce? O.P.E.C. - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

11 QUESTION 23 What agricultural method of acquiring water does Israel and other countries use to grow crops in dry regions of the country? IRRIGATION

12 QUESTION 3 What two rivers begin in Turkey and eventually flow into Syria and Iraq before going into the Persian Gulf? EUPHRATES and TIGRIS RIVERS

13 QUESTION 7 What narrow body of water connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea and is an important waterway for oil trading countries in the Middle East? STRAIT OF HORMUZ

14 QUESTION 12 What is the large country on the Arabian Peninsula that is very dry and borders the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Persian Gulf? SAUDI ARABIA

15 QUESTION 10 What small country with lots of oil borders the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia? KUWAIT

16 QUESTION 14 What large country borders Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and used to be part of the Persian Empire? IRAN

17 QUESTION 24 What type of economic system is found in Saudi Arabia, in which the government controls basic industries like oil and farming and does not allow the citizens to have businesses and profit by selling their products? COMMAND ECONOMY

18 QUESTION 22 Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait all border the Persian Gulf and are members of OPEC. What resource do these countries rely on to become rich and build their economy? OIL

19 QUESTION 26 Which country in the Middle East has this type of government where there is a supreme religious leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) and a president (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)? IRAN

20 QUESTION 28 Which country has a parliamentary democracy with a president and prime minister while a powerful legislature called the Knesset that is influence by Jewish Law? ISRAEL

21 QUESTION 32 What are the three monotheistic religions that originated in Mesopotamia in the Middle East? JUDAISM CHRISTIANITY ISLAM

22 QUESTION 31 What is the name of a good that is bought and shipped into the country because they don’t have enough to meet their own country’s demand? IMPORT

23 QUESTION 2 What river shares a border between Israel and Jordan and is part of a dispute between these countries over the valuable resource of fresh water? JORDAN RIVER

24 QUESTION 17 The extraction of what abundant resource in the Middle East causes a lot of air, soil, and water pollution? OIL (PETROLEUM)

25 QUESTION 4 What is the name of the sea that separates Africa from Asia that borders Egypt and Saudi Arabia? RED SEA

26 QUESTION 18 What body of water in Egypt that connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea is considered a very important trade route? SUEZ CANAL

27 QUESTION 8 What is the name of the gulf in the Middle East that borders oil rich nations such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran? PERSIAN GULF

28 QUESTION 6 What is the name of the narrow strip of land in Israel that is close to Egypt that is a source of tension between Arabs and Jews? GAZA STRIP

29 QUESTION 19 What resource is plentiful in the Middle East that they are able to export for a profit that helps their economies? OIL

30 QUESTION 29 What is the name of a good that is a surplus (extra) in one country and is sold and shipped out to another country? EXPORT

31 QUESTION 36 Place of worship for Jews? SYNAGOGUE

32 QUESTION 33 What was the 1st religion to believe in only one God that was founded by Abraham that developed in Canaan, which is modern day Palestine and Israel? JUDAISM

33 QUESTION 45 What are the two main sects (groups) of Muslims that disagree over who should succeed (replace) Muhammad as the leader of Islam? SUNNI AND SHIA

34 QUESTION 39 What is the religious text for Islam? QURAN

35 QUESTION 42 What are the most important teachings of Islam?

36 QUESTION 34 What city in Israel is considered holy to the three major religions that began in the Middle East “Southwest Asia”? JERUSALEM

37 QUESTION 37 What religion teaches that there is one god and that Muhammad is the prophet? ISLAM

38 QUESTION 46 Which Muslim group makes up a majority of all Muslims in the world (85%) and believes that the people should decide who is the Islamic leader and successor to Muhammad? SUNNI

39 QUESTION 40 Followers of Islam? MUSLIMS

40 QUESTION 43 What religion later spread into the Roman empire and eventually became the dominant religion in Europe? CHRISTIANITY

41 QUESTION 38 The origins (beginnings) of Islam started in what city in Saudi Arabia? MECCA

42 QUESTION 41 Who was the founder of Christianity? JESUS

43 QUESTION 48 What religion was founded by Jesus Christ that continues the teachings of Judaism and teaches about love and forgiveness? CHRISTIANITY

44 QUESTION 35 What is the term that defines a religion as worshipping just one God? MONOTHEISM

45 QUESTION 44 Which religion would spread due to migration and military factors from Saudi Arabia into the rest of the Middle East, North Africa, Western Europe, and parts of South/east Asia? ISLAM

46 QUESTION 47 Which Muslim group makes up a minority (15%) of all Muslims in the world and believes that Muhammad’s successor should be a descendent or relative of Muhammad? SHIA

47 QUESTION 60 While Judaism and Christianity are practiced in Southwest Asia, what religion is most common in the Middle East? ISLAM

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