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2 Dome of The Rock Marks the spot where Muslims believe Muhammad rose up to heaven

3 Western Wall The holiest Jewish site in Jerusalem

4 PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization
Group formed to regain land currently under Israeli control for the Palestinian Arabs

5 A strict group in Afghanistan which imposed rigid rules on society
Taliban A strict group in Afghanistan which imposed rigid rules on society

6 Mosque A Muslim house of worship

7 OPEC Group responsible for controlling worldwide oil prices

8 Kurds Ethnic group that has lived in the areas of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran for about a thousand years

9 Muhammad Islam is a religion based on the teaching of the prophet. Who is the prophet?

10 Ramadan Holy month of fasting for Muslims

11 Mecca The city of pilgrimage for Muslims Stephen Harper

12 Jerusalem The birthplace of all three major religions in the Middle East.

13 Arid Climate This type of climate dominates this region

14 Oil Primary resource of the Middle East Climate

15 Sahara The desert that dominates a large part of North Africa and is the largest desert in the world

16 Delta Before a river empties into a larger body of water, the river may spread into small channels, creating a triangle shape. This feature is called what? Allow ships to travel to different bodies of water with different water elevations

17 Arabic Dominant language of this region.

18 Abraham This biblical character is a prominent person in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

19 Saudi Arabia In what country is the city of Mecca located?

20 Five Pillars of Faith Statement of Faith Prayer 5 times daily Fasting
Alms to the poor Pilgrimage to Mecca

21 Sunni / Shi’a Two major divisions in the Religion of Islam

22 Suez Canal This piece of infrastructure connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

23 Zionism A movement to create and support a Jewish homeland in Israel.

24 Jordan River This river forms a natural border between the countries of Israel and Jordan

25 1948 In what year was the modern state of Israel created by the United Nations?

26 Nomads People in the Middle East that move from place to place. Traditional way of life in the region.

27 Synagogue House of worship for followers of Judaism

28 Monotheism Term for believing in one god.

29 Baghdad City built between the Tigris and the Euphrates River in Iraq
Area formerly known as Mesopotamia Capital of Iraq.

30 Israel Only country in MENA not dominated by Islamic religion
Currently occupies West Bank and Gaza Strip (inhabited by stateless nations)

31 Persian Gulf States Kuwait Iraq Bahrain UAE Oil producing Countries
Choke Points (straits and shipping routes that can be blocked for political purposes)

32 Iran Shah deposed Revolution in 1979 Fought against Iraq
Ayatollah Khomeini Mostly Shi’ite Former Persian Empire Strait of Hormuz Tehran - Capital

33 Egypt Suez Canal Great Pyramids Nile River Arab Spring Tahrir Square
Cairo - Capital

34 Saudi Arabia Red Sea Mecca and Medina World largest producer of oil
King Abdullah Rub al Khali

35 Where is…(hyperlink to Map Game)
Turkey Afghanistan Iraq Iran Syria Saudi Arabia Israel Jordan Nile River Red Sea Tigris River Euphrates River Egypt Caspian Sea Black Sea

36 PreAP - Where is... Oman Yemen Libya Persian Gulf Algeria
Straits of Hormuz Black Sea Lake Nassar Taurus Mountains Zagros Mountains


38 PreAP: Remember, you will be writing an essay on major religions of the world, AND an essay on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.


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