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Training and Development Current or future skills By Em And Charli.

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1 Training and Development Current or future skills By Em And Charli

2 Induction 0 Induction training is the training needed for a new employee to learn the about their new job, their new co-workers, and the businesses itself and its culture. 0 Well Prepared induction programs o Give employees a positive attitude to the job and the business o Build a new employee’s confidence in the job o Stresses the major safety policies and procedures, and explains their application o Helps establish good working relationship with co- worker and supervisors.

3 On-going Training 0 The aim of training is to seek a long-term change in employees’ skills, knowledge, attitudes and behavior in order to improve work performance in the business. 0 On the job training: training is arranged in the workplace through instruction and observation. 0 Off the job training: takes employees away from the immediate workplace. It may be 'in-house' using the employer's facilities or 'out-house' and provided by another company or college/university. 0 Evaluation of the training is important from both employee and employer

4 Mentoring and Coaching 0 Mentoring and coaching are increasingly used to motivate and develop staff with leadership potential. Mentoring: Mentoring is a mutually agreed role, which suits experienced staff keen to transfer knowledge and skills though succession planning. Coaching: is focused on improving skills and performance, and on helping individual manage specific work roles more effectively.

5 Performance Appraisal Performance Appraisal: is a process of assessing the performance of an employee, generally against a set of criteria or standards. Four Main Objectives: 0 To provide feedback from management to employees regarding work performance. 0 To act as a measurement against which promotion and pay rises can determined 0 To help the business monitor its employee selection 0 To identify employees’ training and development needs.

6 Business’s Benefits of Training 0 Increased productivity and efficiency 0 Less need for close staff supervision, checking and control 0 A skilled, flexible, responsive workforce trained in the right areas 0 Targeted training to suit job design 0 Improved talent management and succession planning 0 Safer and healthier workplace 0 Improved employee attraction, engagement and retention

7 Employee’s Benefits of Training 0 Greater clarity of work role, purpose and accountability 0 Shared understanding of work expectations with supervisor 0 Increased job satisfaction and engagement 0 Targeted training to meet staff needs 0 Better career pathways due to job design 0 Safer and healthier workplace 0 Good team cohesion as roles, relationships and resources are clearly defined.

8 Story/Case Study 0 Induction: o Learn the menu o Follow around another employee for a week to learn what to do o Drinks after restaurant has closes to get to know other employees

9 Story: Continued/ Case Study 0 Training: o Computer programs o Constant assessment o Paid special guest 0 Mentoring: o Assignment Mentor o Help with any problems or questions

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