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Short Service Worker Program

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1 Short Service Worker Program

2 Program Objectives Identify short service workers (SSW)
Acclimate new employees (SSW) to the Brock and Host Facility’s work site guidelines and expectations Establish key individuals as Mentors and Program Administrators Develop and leverage a company wide Training Tool Implement a computer-based training module for program overview and understanding Define Roles and Responsibilities for all levels of personnel Reduce overall Events to achieve Target Zero Performance!

3 Computer Based Training
Two separate training modules Specific training for workers and Supervisors Outlines expectations of program execution Knowledge check to ensure understanding

4 Participant Overview SHORT SERVICE WORKER (SSW) / At-Risk Employee (ARE) New to Brock or Less than 90 days experience at host facility (ARE: 6 Months) Gone from Brock or host facility for more than 6 months Exhibited lack of knowledge and needs to be retrained SITE SAFETY MATURED PERSON (SSMP) Graduated from SSW program Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of program Lends support to short service worker MENTOR / COACH Employee who has shown ability to help others meet expectations Will be assigned one or more SSW’s on site Responsible for day-to-day training and overall accountability of SSW WORK SITE MANAGER Responsible for program implementation on site Assesses workload and develops staffing plan Accounts for all SSW’s on site PROGRAM MONITOR Designated member of the EH&S team Receives ongoing feedback on program Works to ensure program success

5 Training Overview Six Week Training Program
Weeks 1-4: Focuses on general safety requirements for working on-site Week 5: Discusses craft specific requirements Week 6: Additional training and makeup Documented daily on a Training Log Field verification with knowledge checks

6 Level Identifiers Short Service Worker/At-Risk Employees
Mentor / Coach Site Safety Matured Person

7 Evaluation and Graduation
Weekly evaluations conducted by the Mentor Feedback is provided by the SSMP and Mentor Supervisor verifies the SSW’s progress Training documentation reviewed for completion Graduation ceremony is held acknowledging program graduates Mentors acknowledged and recognized GRADUATION! Training Requirements Performance Verification & Feedback Evaluation & Knowledge Check

8 Benefits and Improvements
Provides standardized training for new hires consistent throughout the organization. Engages employees to ask question, seek guidance and better understand the job requirements. Promotes program ownership by all levels of employees including site supervision. Reduced overall incidents by decreasing the number of SSW events.

9 Short Service Worker Program

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