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Greg DonCarlos CenterPoint Energy College Recruiter.

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1 Greg DonCarlos CenterPoint Energy College Recruiter

2  We want to get to know the candidate ◦ Background/Experience ◦ Skills/Interests ◦ Communication skills ◦ Personality ◦ Professionalism  We want the candidate to get to know us ◦ Company/Business Unit/Group ◦ Job specifics

3  Do your Homework ◦ Research and learn about the company ◦ Review your own resume and be prepared with examples from your past experiences ◦ Being prepared will minimize your anxiety

4  Make an impact ◦ Dress for the occasion ◦ When in doubt, overdress ◦ It’s not always what you say, but how you present yourself that makes an impression ◦ Sit up, stay focused

5  Be confident ◦ An interview is a good measurement of how you handle pressure ◦ Maintain an appropriate level of professionalism ◦ Be yourself

6  Ask questions ◦ Prepare a list of questions before the interview ◦ Good questions could show the interviewer you are prepared and interested in the position

7  Sell yourself ◦ Speak confidently about any past experiences ◦ Give specific examples ◦ Promote skills and abilities ◦ What sets you apart?

8  Get clarification ◦ If you don’t understand a question, don’t hesitate, ask for the question to be repeated ◦ When asking questions to your interviewer, use follow-up questions to clarify the specifics of the position ◦ Ask your recruiter if there is any part of the recruiting process that you are confused about

9  Follow up ◦ Thank the interviewers for their time ◦ Ask for business cards ◦ Let the employer know you are still interested in their position

10  Greg DonCarlos  CenterPoint Energy  College Recruiter  713-207-8025 

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