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1 Presented by: VT Career Services and VT Alumni Career Resources Nancy Brittle 540-552-1666

2 * To attract top-notch candidates * To advertise organization to prospective candidates * To promote public awareness about their organization * To provide career information * To identify potential candidates (first impressions!)

3 * Know what organizations are attending * Research the organizations * Have several copies of your resume * Prepare a “One Minute Commercial” * Connect your background to the needs of the organization * Prepare questions to ask representatives * Demonstrate interpersonal skills

4 * Job Fair Web Site * Handout at fair registration

5 * Obviously, this is difficult to do at the last minute, but… * From the web site or handout you can at least determine which companies are more likely to fit what you’re looking for * If you have time to go to individual organization web sites, look for: * The philosophy, mission, goals * Organization’s size (personnel, locations) * The products and services

6 * Introduce yourself (name, major/degree) * Express your interest in a certain type of position or area in the organization * Describe what you have to offer the organization * Demonstrate what you know about the organization PRACTICE!!!!!

7 * What have you read about the organization? * Do you have unique qualities or characteristics that would be a fit for them? * What do you have to offer the organization?

8 * What do you want to know about the organization? * What do you want to know about the opportunities? * TIP: Make sure you are not asking questions about information available on their web site!

9 * Be professional * Introduce yourself with a firm handshake * Speak clearly and concisely * Answer questions readily * Have your resume with you and easily accessible * Demonstrate confidence * Be open and honest * Maintain good eye contact * Show enthusiasm and interest

10 * Go to the registration table and pick up a list of attendees and the map * Zero in on specific organizations you want to approach and where they are located * Make your A, B, C list * Take a deep breath…stand up straight…think positively…go into the room and go into action !

11 * Introduce yourself * Give your One Minute Commercial * Ask and answer questions * Pick up materials * Offer your resume * Ask for a business card * Ask about the best method for follow-up

12 * It is important to take the initiative to follow- up on job fair contacts. * Send a thank you letter and indicate your continued interest in the organization and opportunities. * Be specific about what you want.

13 * Lacking focus - not knowing what type of position you are seeking. * Admitting “I’ll take anything” or answering “I don’t know” when asked about interests. * Not dressing neatly or professionally * Not bringing a resume * Lacking knowledge of the organization or confusing the organization with a competitor * Lacking enthusiasm or interest in the organization or job opportunities * Asking about salary

14 * Not asking any questions, asking inappropriate questions, and having a poor or unprofessional attitude * Grabbing free stuff * Not making eye contact * Lacking communication skills * Not bringing anything to write with or on * Giving a weak handshake * Not taking the time to fill out a job application

15 * * * * Hokies4Hire* * Resume book, job listings, on-campus interviews (students) * Hokie Nation Network * * * CareerShift* * Going Global* * Salary Information * Job listing sites: * VT students and alumni only


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