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Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success Military To Corporate-M2C Services For Corporate Companies.

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1 Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success Military To Corporate-M2C Services For Corporate Companies

2 Who is M2C ? Military To Corporate- M2C is a Unique Military focused Recruitment firm placing military leaders in Indian Corporate Sector. Team M2C is a perfect blend of members having experience of military leadership and Corporate workplace. M2C supplies Military experienced leaders -cum-managers to most of the industries in all possible domains. M2C candidates are exceptional and proven military leaders from all three branches of Indian Armed Forces. Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

3 Why Our Candidates are the best? Though military leaders have diverse experience of various domains, M2C screens and fits candidates in the domain best suitable for them, thereby presenting the best suitable candidate to our clients. These Military candidates are:-  Mature, energetic, and Battle-hardened leaders of varied age between 30-50 yrs with exceptional leadership traits,problem solving abilities and decision making capabilities.  Unmatchable team building abilities and a strong sense of mission, They “ Get It Done ”.  Highly Adaptable and flexible with transferable skills across contexts/works.  Advanced technical certification with hands-on experience under most trying circumstances in adverse weather, rugged terrain, and limited resources.  Strong Moral Fiber with utmost honesty, Integrity, loyalty and selfless devotion to work.  Highly organized, self-disciplined, and meticulous in planning.  High Entrepreneur skills; can get things done independently without any supervision. Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

4 Initiative Self confidence Ability to Influence liveliness Social Adaptability Cooperation Sense of Responsibility Determination Courage Physical and Mental Stamina Effective Intelligence Reasoning Ability Organizing Ability Power of Expression Planning and Organization Dynamic Social Effectiveness ( leadership) Social Adjustment Skills & Values Of Military Leaders

5 Candidates for which all Fields ? Since Military has almost all domains working in it, There are specialist officers in almost all the fields such as:- Human ResourceManufacturing Project Management Engineering Defence and Aerospace Aviation and TechnicalSales LogisticsMaintenance Consulting Management OperationsSupply SecurityAdministration Shipping IndustryIT Medical(Doctors & Nursing Officers)Marketing Legal Education Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

6 Why Hiring Military Leaders is good for your Company ? We don’t say that the entire pool of leaders in your company must be from military, but we strongly advocate some military leaders cum managers in your company because hiring them leads to :-  Inclusion and development of good work ethics in team, adding onto the existing positive and conducive work environment of your company.  A new approach to finding solutions( A different perspective) in your company with their ‘ Out of box ‘ thinking in times of crisis.  A good ROI as they are versatile, good at multi-tasking and can handle many portfolios simultaneously, thereby ensuring cost-cutting for company.  Lesser chances of procedural failures as military leaders have great respect for policies and procedures.  Highly cohesive teams with the inclusion of military leaders, leading to every member of the team working together for a common organizational goal-WILLINGLY.  Improved growth as these leaders have the un-canning ability to get the mission done (Achieve the targets in the given time frame). Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

7 Why M2C When Big Giants Like Naukri and Monster Are There While you may assume that posting a job opportunity on these platforms will reach all active and passive job hunters, It’s not the case.  Military candidates are less active on social platforms as while their active service in forces, they are discouraged from joining social platforms,therefore only few will see your job posting.  Your want to hire those whose profile most align with the JD. On the other hand, most of the military leaders perform multiple roles in their military life, and are thus eligible for many domains, at times up to 4-5 domains. Having experience of both military and corporate, ‘The Team M2C’ fits candidate in most fit domain, thereby fixing right person for right job.  We have a huge data bank of officers who are actively or passively looking for a job. if you select a candidate through us, your organization's interest is most guaranteed.  Many call us head-hunters as we find the most suitable military profile candidate for our clients. Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

8 Benefits With M2C Military To Corporate-M2C is a unique platform which empowers military leaders for career transition and which helps companies in finding the right military experienced candidates. We have :-  Extensive REACH Within The Military Veterans’ Community.  Updated DATABANK Of Military Officers Seeking Job Opportunities.  Optimum Utilization Of Business And Social Platforms.  Huge number of followers including passive job seekers.  Cost-effective Recruitment Solutions And Special Deals For Military Friendly Companies. Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

9 Our Recruitment Services Model Project Shortlisted Candidate, Interview and Follow Up Forward of detailed summary, tie-up interview and follow up on candidate’s performance Comprehensive Search, Identification, and Evaluation Conduct search- Shortlist, Identify and Evaluate the candidate Analysis of a Company’s Requirement( JD) Understanding of JD - Skills required and their relevant match in military Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

10 How To Contact? You may mail us at Or contact Maj (Retd) Ravindra Singh Co-founder and COO +91-9927976700 For more info, Kindly visit Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success

11 IF YOU RESPECT AND REGARD YOUR MILITARY, LET’S WELCOME Military Leaders WITH JOBS IN CORPORATE INDIA as Hiring Them Is A Win-Win Situation For Both Launching Military Leaders For Corporate Success Thank You

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