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Etiwanda Intermediate School Physical Education

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1 Etiwanda Intermediate School Physical Education

2 Philosophy The Physical Education Department at Etiwanda Intermediate School strives to educate students about their physical selves and to create an enthusiasm for physical activities. Our goal is to provide a co-educational program that will offer each student an opportunity for individual success and a chance to explore lifetime activities.

3 Behavior Expectations
Students are to report to class each day on time, properly dressed in P.E. uniform, walking the perimeter of the basketball courts, and ready to participate. During P.E., including time spent in the locker room, students are expected to follow all the guidelines and correct behaviors listed in the Binder Reminder

4 Physical Education Grading Categories
Participation 35% Learn, practice, apply Daily Preparation 25% Dressed. Prompt, on task Cardio/fitness 20% Completion, improvement, effort Warm-up 10% Before class activity, exercises/stretching, MVPA Assessment/Testing 10% Fitness testing, unit tests, homework, folders/cards

5 Locks and Lockers Each student will be issued a school locker to store P.E. clothes in during the week. There is no sharing of lockers or combinations at any time. Make sure ALL items are inside locker and locked everyday. Teachers are not liable for articles left unsecured. Locks must be purchased through the P.E. department for $5.00 (one time fee).

6 Physical Education Uniform
A physical education uniform is available from the department; SHIRT-$10 SHORT-$10 CINCH SACK- $5 HOODED SWEATSHIRT- $20 or complete package $ (CASH ONLY) or go to Student provides his/her own socks, tennis shoes and deodorant.

7 Physical Education Uniform
On shirt and shorts please write their first and last name in name bar only. Any additional markings or alterations to uniform will require them to purchase new ones. Students must wear their own clothes. Sharing clothes is not permitted.

8 Physical Education Uniform
Only one pair of shorts and one shirt may be worn at a time. Shorts and shirts must be appropriate size and worn correctly. Uniforms may not be worn to class or home and should be washed each weekend. Slip on shoes, sandals or boots are not allowed during PE.

9 Physical Education Uniform
Clean “Loaner” clothes are required to be worn when regular uniform is not available. Wearing loaner clothes will affect preparation grade. PE Lost and Found should be checked regularly for any missing items.

10 Fitness Testing Promoting physical fitness is a priority of the P.E. Department. Each student’s progress toward fitness will be evaluated based upon standards set by the California State Department of Education. Fitness Gram testing is performed and recorded three times a year.

11 Family Fitness Night Twice a year the students at Etiwanda Intermediate School and their families are invited by the P.E. staff to a Family Fitness Night. Families will have an opportunity to see what their child has been learning in physical education class and to try many of the same types of activities.

12 After School Sports Program
The after school sports program is available to any 6th, 7th or 8th grade students. A satisfactory GPA and good citizenship must be maintained to participate. All teams are part of an intramural program that plays only at EIS.

13 After School Sports Offered
Flag Football – Girls and Boys Basketball – Girls and Boys Volleyball – Girls and Boys Soccer - Girls and Boys

14 Physical Education Teachers
Mr. Duffy Mrs. Oliver Mrs. Ponciano Mrs. Tucker Mr. Whitehead

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