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Brooklawn Physical Education and Health 2012-2013.

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2 Brooklawn Physical Education and Health 2012-2013

3 Brooklawn Physcal Education and Health Staff Mr. Wilbur: Lead Teacher Ms. Satch Mr. DiGiacomo Ms. Fiore Mr. Totka Ms. Rushing Mr. Gihorski

4 Locks and T shirts Your child has received a red combination lock at $6 and a Brooklawn Physical Education grey Tshirt at $7. The lock stays on their assigned locker and their uniform and all valuables should get locked in their locker. The uniform should be brought home at LEAST once a week to be washed.

5 Uniform The Brooklawn Physical Education uniform consists of the grey Brooklawn T shirt, athletic shorts (NO zippers, buttons, or buckles), socks, and SNEAKERS. We go outside on the field when the weather is nice, so keep in mind that things could get muddy. All students must print their names on the front of their t shirt

6 Here is an example…….

7 Deodorant Deodorant can be kept in the lockers as long as it is NOT NOT a spray and it is glass.

8 Students Expectations Students are expected to change for physical education and use the locker room facilities during the first 5 minutes of their assigned physical education period. After that time, the student will be marked late to class.

9 Student Expectations Students are not permitted in the locker room during the physical education period for any reason unless accompanied by a teacher.

10 Students are responsible for their own possessions!!! Students must have a red lock and use it on their own assigned physical education locker. If the lock is on a different locker, it will be cut off immediately. No key locks are allowed, a red master combination lock purchased from the school/ P.E. department is required.


12 Students who behave in a manner that is dangerous to themselves or others, or are disruptive in class, are subject to disciplinary action. Such students could receive a zero for the day and/ or disciplinary action by the administration. Students are reminded that any lack of participation will result in grade reduction.

13 At the end of the period, students are expected to remain in the locker room until the passing bell rings. Any student who leaves this area before the bell will be considered to have CUT class and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

14 Students Expectations Any questionable subject matter on clothing will not be allowed. NO jewelry is allowed. All piercings and earrings, as well as necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. are to be taken off before class begins. It is recommended that all possessions of value be left at home! All long hair must be pulled back out of the students’ face.

15 Excessive “unprepareds” can result in a poor grade.

16 Students are encouraged to be prepared and participate in all physical education and health classes. Missing out on these life skills could affect adult health in the future.

17 Grading Skill Assessment will take place in a dynamic environment for each unit a student participates in.

18 Fitnessgram Health Related Testing is also an important part of each students grade. It includes many aspects of overall health and well- being. Students will be tested on pushups, curlups, PACER jog, mile run, and sit and reach.

19 Assessment is a required component for all students. All assignments will be calculated into the students’ physical education grades each marking period.

20 Any questions, please contact the Physical Education staff.

21 Grading Policy Participation6 points Preparation6 points Skill Assessing4 points Written Knowledge4 points Total points that can be earned = 20

22 Point Distribution Scale 19-20A98-100 18A-90 17B+85 16B80 15B-75 14C+70

23 Point Distribution 13C65 12C-60 11D+55 10D50 9 or lessF45

24 Assessment Procedures Written Skills and Knowledge of Activity: 20% Self Assessment Peer Assessment Teacher Observation Written Assignments Homework Assignments

25 Physical Skills: 20% Meets/ Exceeds Personal Ability Fitness Assessment Demonstration of Skills Understanding of Rules

26 Participation: 30% Follows Directions/ Behavior Sportsmanship Cooperation Performs Warm-ups Performs Daily Activity

27 Preparation: 30% Wears the appropriate attire Arrives on time

28 Don’t worry, this will be on the website.

29 Locker Room Procedures Any type of bullying, intimidation, or harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated. Students should come to class, get changed, put their personal belongings in their assigned locker and make sure their lock is locked!

30 Workfolders Each student will receive a workfolder Workfolders will contain all written assignments, assessments, and work, completed by your child during the course of the year.

31 Health Each student will get 1 full Marking Period of Health. Health will take place during 2nd and 3rd Marking Period.

32 Health Evaluation and Assessment Test and Quizzes45% Class Work and Journals35% Homework20%

33 Fitness/ Wellness Room


35 Click on the Academics tab on the Brooklawn website Click on the Physical Education Website This information is very new and will be up on the website very soon! Brooklawn PE Website

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