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Welcome to Physical Education Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Mays & Mr. Vaughn.

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1 Welcome to Physical Education Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Mays & Mr. Vaughn

2 V I S I O N To ensure that the youth are provided educational opportunities to learn and participate in skills, practices and benefits of a physically active lifestyle. To encourage youth to be physically fit and have a mind set that values physical activity and its benefits in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

3 Have appropriate uniform Proper footwear Loose Jewelry is removed. Stud earrings are allowed if ears were just pierced. Prepared for PE:

4 PE Uniforms: Black shorts & a Blue or Grey shirt must be worn to show PRIDE in PE. Tennis Shoes need to be appropriate to participate in PE Optional for purchase at Shiloh: –Shirt: $8.00 –Shorts: $12.00 –PE Bag: $10.00

5 Expectations: (P.R.I.D.E.) To dress appropriately To actively participate during class activities To work cooperatively with peers To be on time to class To be respectful, responsible and ready to move

6 Only stud earrings are allowed to be worn in physical education. All other jewelry is to be taken off. We recommend all earrings to be removed. Students should bring in a container or bag to hold their jewelry. This is for your safety and the safety of your classmates. PE teachers are not responsible for lost Jewelry. Jewelry:

7 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Devices are permitted in class when directed by your PE teacher Locker room: Devices are NOT PERMITTED (Device should be put away and kept in a safe and secure place) Teachers are not allowed to store devices Students are responsible for their devices

8 Meets Student Responsibilities: 40% (Standards 5, 6) Students will come to class prepared to learn and participate. Students will demonstrates regard for safety and appropriate use of equipment. Students will demonstrate working effectively with others. 6 Points/day 1 point - Prepared for class 1 point - Follows all safety rules 1 point - Works effectively with others throughout the class period 3 points - Participates actively throughout the class period. Rubric: 3 points = Optimal participation with no verbal reminders 2 points = Acceptable participation with 1 verbal reminder 1 point = Minimal participation with 1 or more verbal reminders 0 points = Refuses to participate or removed from class Absent from class = 0/6 points (Opportunities are available for a designated time period to make up points with-in 2 weeks) Access the homework website: for assignments and quizzes Grading Policy: Formative

9 Grading Policy: Summative Demonstrates Appropriate Skills: 40% (Standards 1, 2, 3, 5) Students will demonstrate the ability to enhance their performance in a variety of physical skills by developing fundamental movement skills, creating original skill combinations, combining skills effectively in skill themes, and applying skills in game and activity situations. Demonstrates Knowledge of Concepts: 20% (Standards 2, 4) Students will demonstrate knowledge of physical education skill and sport concepts, exercise physiology, and biomechanics through a variety of written and performance formative and summative assessments.

10 Students who are absent are required to make up any missed assignments. Parents can excuse their child for up to 3 days. After 3 days, a Doctor’s note is needed. Students who are medically excused are excused from activities that require participation. Any written assignments must be completed. Excuses/Absences:

11 Second Chance Learning A strategy which provides additional opportunities to learn and demonstrate what a student knows and can do when assessments indicate that the essential knowledge or skills have not been demonstrated. See Handout for additional information

12 1 st offense: conference with student and entered into the system 2 nd offense: Parent contact and entered into the system 3 rd offense: Office Referral and entered into the system Discipline:

13 –Flag Football –Basketball –Cricket THROWING & CATCHING

14 STRIKING: –Volleyball –Floor Hockey –Golf –Badminton –Table Tennis –Tennis

15 FITNESS –CCPS Fitness testing –Weight Training –Jumping Rope –Track and Field –Crossfit –Plyometrics

16 GROUP INITIATIVE –Lithuanian Ball –Ultimate Frisbee –Team Handball –Tseg Ball –Geocaching –Backyard games

17 INTEGRATED MOVEMENT –Body Bars –Kick Boxing –Step Aerobics –Wii Activities

18 FIT Club: Wed/Thurs- 7:15am - 8:00am Girls in Motion: TBA Ski Club: Jan. 8 th, 15 th, 22 nd, 29 th & Feb. 5 th Flag Football Tournament: October 8 th & 9 th from 3:15pm – 5:00pm School/County Track and Field playday: May 18 th (8 th grade) & 19 th (7 th grade) Shiloh Hoops: March 23 rd, 24 th, 25 th from 3:15- 4:30. Activities to get involved in:

19 Are you Prepared? Are you Respectful? Do you have Integrity? Are you Determined? Do you strive for Excellence? First Day of dressing: Wednesday (A-day) & Thursday (B-day) PRIDE in the pack:

20 Words of Wisdom: Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, Just never give up. Dean K. Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream, a vision. Muhammad Ali

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