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TR Design Nick Castellano Vienne Cheung Lauren Fleming Brian LaFlamme Ingrid Wallace.

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1 TR Design Nick Castellano Vienne Cheung Lauren Fleming Brian LaFlamme Ingrid Wallace

2 Company Profile About Boutique strategic design firm ▫Formerly Tepperman/Ray & Associates ▫20 years marketing and design experience ▫Located in Andover, MA ▫Services customers in New England and Beyond ▫Main focus is Life Sciences and High Tech Industries Current and Past Clients ▫Teradyne, Xenon, Philips Medical ▫Formatech, Transmedics ▫Vision Sciences

3 Company Profile Services Branding ▫Brand Strategy ▫Brand design ▫Logos ▫Names and Taglines Advertising ▫Print and Online Advertising ▫Ad Strategy and Placement ▫Outdoor Advertising ▫Vehicle Advertising

4 Company Profile Services Direct Response ▫Direct Mailing, Mail Services, and Email Marketing ▫Fulfillment Services ▫List Management Event Promotion ▫Event Themes, Signage, and Publications ▫Exhibit Graphics ▫Special Promotions and Premiums

5 Company Profile Services Print Collateral ▫Sales Literature ▫HR Publications ▫Recruitment Materials ▫Annual Reports ▫Technical Documentation ▫Catalogs ▫Newsletters ▫Printing and Print Management

6 The Market Market Analysis ▫Competes for local customers as well as international customers ▫Main competitor: RainCastle Communications

7 The Market Current Market ▫Business Development  Lead Generation Mailings  Direct Sales (Karen) ▫Depend on referrals and industry recognition  Focus less on internet searches ▫Main sources for TR Design  Word of Mouth  Reputation  Networking

8 Strategy Ad Groups ▫8 Ad Groups  5 Based on services  Branding, Advertising, Event Promotion Design, Direct Response, and Print Collateral  3 Based on TR’s Targeted Industries  Life Sciences, Bio Tech, High-Tech (Medical) Geographic Strategy ▫Localization to a small degree ▫Use geographic keywords ▫Use Google tool

9 Strategy Keywords Service Ad Groups ▫Branding  Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design Branding, Branding Firm, Brand Management ▫Advertising  Ad Strategy and Placement, B2B Advertising, Marketing Communications, Advertising Firm ▫Event Promotion Design  Event publications, Event Themes  Even Communications, Event Signage

10 Strategy Keywords ▫Direct Mailing  Mailing services, Direct Mail Design, Promotion Mailing Services, Fulfillment Services ▫Print Collateral  Marketing Brochures, Print Material, Marketing Design Printing, Marketing Flyers Industry ▫High Tech  High Tech Graphic Design, Technology Marketing  High Tech Branding Company

11 Strategy Keywords ▫Bio Tech/ Life Sciences  Bio Tech Marketing, Life Science Branding Agency, Bio Tech Event Promotion Design, Bio Tech Print Advertising Company ▫Medical Device/Medical  Medical Marketing, Medical Branding Company, Medical Branding Solutions Company, Medical Print Collateral

12 Strategy Keywords Geographic Keywords ▫Put geographic terms in front of keywords used for Service and Industry Ad Groups  High Tech Marketing Company in Boston  New England Brand Management Company  New England Based Life Sciences Marketing Company  Massachusetts Direct Mailing Services

13 Campaign Goals Bring potential customers to website to: ▫Provide brand consistency ▫Demonstrate Relevance ▫Increase number of new clients through web based searches Measure of Success ▫Impressions ▫Clicks ▫Conversions

14 Campaign Goals Targets ▫Clicks – 100 per week  A fairly modest goal due since the industry is not highly searched online without including company specifics ▫Conversions – 5 in three weeks  Conversion brought on by this campaign is likely to be slow in the short-term.  Companies often heavily research and compare design and marketing services prior to making commitments

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