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Executive Search & Recruitment Presentation PHOENIX SEARCH.

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1 Executive Search & Recruitment Presentation PHOENIX SEARCH

2 Executive Search & Recruitment 2  Founded in Mexico by Ignacio Garrote  Brazil operation started in May with Ricardo Porto  Second Brazil office opens in Rio de Janeiro  South Florida liaison office established  Additions to staff bring expertise in new business sectors At Phoenix Search we have kept our promise since 1994 by consistently delivering results to some of the best known companies throughout Latin America Who we are Your proven alternative to the high cost, slow response time & lack of commitment to results of very large executive search firms

3 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 3 Our presence in Latin America Mexico Guatemala Costa Rica Panama Puerto Rico Identical image and service delivery throughout the Region Our partners background cover all industry segments. We Cover the Region from our offices in Mexico, Brazil & Miami A high percentage of customers have used our services in more than one country (GE, Intel, Sun, J&J, Berlitz, among others) Search Assignments completed in: Latin America’s Leader in Specialty Searches. Venezuela Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile

4 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 4 Some of our Clients

5 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 5 Phoenix Value Proposition 1. We save you money. We have no corporate parent or overhead and we pass the low operating costs to you. 2. We produce results quicker. We get paid based on results not based on time, therefore our main interest is presenting fully qualified candidates QUICKLY. 3.You maintain control over the process. While we do require a 1/3 retainer, the second and third payment are based on specific results at YOUR satisfaction. 4. No “blockage” issues. Very large search firms, as they cannot recruit from customers, see their candidate pool reduced in a significant way. 5. Our client’s interest is paramount. When in doubt we ALWAYS take your side. 6. Uncontestable ethical standards. We like to sleep well at night and never get involved in something that might prevent that.

6 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 6 Others 33% of first year cash compensation PHOENIX A placement fee of 25% is paid by the employer, based on the total first year's compensation of the position PHOENIX If 4 or more simultaneous searches are conducted, the percentage goes down to 20% If additional executives for the same position are hired as a result of the same search, the fee will be 20% "Tailor Made" personnel recruitment plans might be considered, depending on your specific needs Our fees are always paid by the employer. No charge is ever made to candidates. Our Fees vs. Competition

7 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 7 PHOENIX DeliverablesOthers 1. Agreement is obtained as to estimate compensation that will be offered to candidates. 2. When a search assignment is received and we have clearly understood the job description, specifications of the position, and have received your agreement to our confirmation letter, we will bill for 1/3 of our estimated fee. This establishes our mutual formal commitment to the search. 3. When presenting a report with our comments and the key information of at least three selected candidates that fit the agreed profile at your satisfaction, we collect 1/3. 4. When the selected candidate receives a written job offer, and formally accepts the job, we collect the balance. An adjustment to fit the final compensation package agreed with the candidate is made if required. ? 2nd payment based on time elapsed Payment Schedule

8 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 8 We are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. If one of our candidates resigns for any reason whatsoever or is terminated for unsatisfactory performance, he or she will be replaced without charge if termination occurs within 12 months at Top Executive and his direct reports level. Lower level assignments are guaranteed for a period of 8 months. GUARANTEES

9 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 9 L. IGNACIO GARROTE ARANGO Born in Cuba and a naturalized United States citizen, he resides in Mexico City, where he founded Phoenix Search in March, 1994 and currently is leading Latin American Operations. Was previously Commercial Director for Memorex-Telex Corporation-Mexico. Country Manager of NCR Corporation for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. Also worked as Independent Marketing Channels Manager for Latin America, the Middle East and Africa based out of World Headquarters in Dayton Ohio Eleven years experience in the Information Technology Industry in a number of functional areas such as Country Management, Sales/Marketing Management, and Finance & Administration. Has worked for other multinational companies such as Chase Manhattan Bank and Colgate Palmolive Co. His responsibilities have led him to transact business in 44 countries and territories. Graduated with honors from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Accounting. L. IGNACIO GARROTE FOUNDER & PRINCIPAL

10 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 10 MARCELA CARRILLO Born in Mexico, City, she has been successful Sales Executive at leading Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies. Among her notable achievements is the creation of a 5,000 person multilevel network operating throughout Mexico and in selected cities in the United States (Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago), Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia. Her strengths lie in the ability to recruit, select, train and motivate a sales force. Marcela has extensive experience designing sales Incentive and compensation plans as well as the production, coordination and hosting of sales conventions and other large scale events. She was a member of the Board and President’s council for 5 years at Nice de Mexico, where she participated in new product launching, opening operations and distribution centers in additional countries and cities as well as decision making regarding company structure and business development. Prior to join Phoenix Search in early 2009 as Partner in Charge of Business Development, she worked as Account Manager at Evolution Market Group (a foreign exchange and commodities investment firm whit operations in Spain, Panama and Mexico) where she also managed Public & Investor relations. MARCELA CARRILLO Partner in Charge of Business Development

11 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 11 Why use an Executive Search Professional? * For example: Newspaper ads, job sites, emails, and others..  Advertising* produces limited results since most of high performing candidates are not actively looking for a job  We’ll save you time – you will only interview and review documentation of fully qualified candidates that meet your requested profile  Confidentiality – candidates will only know who is our customer once YOU decide  Professional and impartial evaluation of candidates – by seasoned, proven professionals  Guarantee – You don’t want to waste time and we don’t want to redo the search for free but neither of us is perfect and that is why we guarantee our work  Because we take care of everything (or as much as you want us to) including reference checks, interviews coordination, tests and possibly even making an offer previously approved by you.

12 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 12 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment Contact: +52 (55) 5681.0877

13 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment 13 PHOENIX SEARCH Executive Search & Recruitment Contact: +52 (55) 5681.0877 044 (55) 3084.3018

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