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ASSENDA - A Carvajal Company Corporate Presentation.

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1 ASSENDA - A Carvajal Company Corporate Presentation

2 WHO ARE WE? ASSENDA is the result of the integration of three companies from the Carvajal Organization: Fesa, Integrar and IBC, that made the strategic decision to unite their capabilities for the purpose of “Integrating Value” for their clients. Client competitiveness is Assenda’s raison d’etre. We believe that organizations: are as efficient as their processes are constantly searching for ways to improve themselves in-house try to achieve an improved relationship with their business partners base their operations on the best technology

3 Our services make up part of the day-to-day operations at companies in several industries; companies that understand the importance of focusing their efforts on their key processes and letting us work on developing their non-key processes at a lower cost. That’s why Process Outsourcing is one of our main pillars:


5 Solutions for Information and Technology These are services aimed at improving your company’s technological processes, expediting information at your client and provider levels and obtaining key information for decision-making. To achieve this, we boast services such as: E-business Services for IT Infrastructures Business Applications (Consulting and Implementation of ERP, CRM, SCM and BI Solutions).

6 Solutions for Documents and Supplies This is consists of our ability and experience in printing, information management and logistics that offer companies services aimed at making their flow of information, the process of printing in various formats and different mediums, as well as providing supplies and logistic services more efficient. We offer services in: Documents and Printing Services Means of Payment and ID Systems Supplies and Logistic Services

7 Solutions for Process Management This is our unit that specializes in third-party processing for our clients; it is backed up by in-depth knowledge of the industry processes we handle. We specialize in the Finance, Health, Government, Commercial and Mass Consumption sectors.

8 We are located in 12 Latin American countries: Colombia Mexico Guatemala El Salvador Costa Rica Puerto Rico Panama Venezuela Ecuador Peru Chile Argentina Presence

9 Our Team We boast over 3,000 workers; highly experienced professionals committed to: On-the-job INNOVATION Achieving a HIGH LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE Offering WORLD-CLASS SERVICE TEAM WORK


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