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Hiring & Evaluating the Library Director Presenters: Dora U. Sims, Trustee, Birmingham Public Library Trustee at Large, United For Libraries Board Assisted.

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1 Hiring & Evaluating the Library Director Presenters: Dora U. Sims, Trustee, Birmingham Public Library Trustee at Large, United For Libraries Board Assisted by Georgia Morgan Blair Trustee, Birmingham Public Library Birmingham, AL 35203 Member, United for Libraries

2 Hiring A Library Director Basic Legal Requirements …… Some library boards of trustees are appointed by State, Municipal Government, or Council, etc. The full library trustee boards have the basic legal authority to hire, evaluate or terminate a director. ADA Compliance …requires that job applications 1) do not seek to discriminate or is bias on whether an individual is handicap, 2) make reasonable accommodations or adjustment to the work environment, job procedures, rules to allow a handicap to perform the job, and 3) provide equal access to insurance, benefits as offered to other employees.

3 Hiring A Library Director Hiring a Library Director has some basic guidelines. These basic guidelines are outlined in this PowerPoint Presentation. This presentation has an attached sample tool to Evaluate the Director. It is suggested that the director is evaluated during the first six months of hire, and thereafter annually, or as the board deems necessary. The Evaluation helps the board to determine if the director is meeting the Performance Objectives as agreed upon by the board.

4 Hiring A Library Director The first order of business for the board in the absence of a director is to appoint an Interim Director. The Interim Director in most cases is the Associate Director. The next order of business is for the board to determine the method of hiring the new director. There are at least three methods boards may use to hire a director. Library boards can: Hire a Recruiter/Consultant Appoint a Board Committee Utilize full Trustee Board

5 Hiring a Recruiter/Consultant To hire a Recruiter/Consultant: The board may consult with state library organizations Advertise through ALA job sites, library journals, Professional groups, newsprint media, television, internet, twitter, etc. Interview and choose the recruiter/consultant most likely to work well with the board and meet the board’s expectations Agree on payment cost for services to be provided by the recruiter/consultant.

6 Appointing a Board Committee Board President appoints Personnel Committee with a designated chairperson. The committee develops a job description for board approval. Select media sites for advertisement for board approval; (see partial listing under Recruiter/Consultant). Compile a list of interview questions for board approval with approval by legal advisors or attorney. Ensure that all committee members participate in the interview process. The committee submits its recommendation to the full board.

7 Appointing Board Committee (cont.) The Process continues……… The board meets with the final candidates along with key staff members, if board deems admissible, for final interviews. Checks references making sure legal guidelines are followed. Make offer including benefits, usually be phone, etc. Follow up with a letter that includes important details to make sure all information is complete and accurate. Contact other applicants not selected after receiving the candidate’s acceptance letter.

8 Hiring by the Board Determine Job Description for new director: Review Long-Range Plan, analyze progress, determine unmet goals, objectives, etc. Experience working with library boards. Knowledge of Budget preparations Policy Development Administrative & Employee supervision Collection Development Experience in Public Service, Technical Services, Public Relations, and Automation. Demonstrated Leadership & Dependability Experience in Fundraising, Financial Management, Legal Compliance, Customer Relations, Organizational Growth.

9 Hiring by Board The Hiring Process (Cont.) Develop job description that reflects qualifications and duties of the new director (MLS degree). Advertise in select media sites for prospective candidates. Determine a competitive salary range and fringe benefit package. Check references of applicants & evaluate qualifications. If the board desires to contact current or past colleagues of the top potential candidates to get a more complete picture of an applicant’s qualifications, seek written permission from the candidates. Compile a list of questions for contacting references approved by legal advisors or attorney. Arrange interviews with potential candidates; agree to pay part or all necessary travel expenses if any.

10 Hiring by Board (cont.) The Hiring Process (cont.) Compile a list of uniform questions cleared by legal authority for the interview. Board president may determine how questions will be administered; each board member may be assigned specific questions or the decision by full board. Schedule interview time best for all trustees. Each candidate is asked the same questions. After the interview, tally votes per each trustee. Once board has made a hiring decision, Board president contacts the selected applicant, confirms appointment, starting date in writing. The employment contract or letter of appointment may specify that as a condition of employment, the director must obtain and maintain the appropriate certification (MLS degree), or as deemed by the board, etc.

11 Hiring by Board (cont.) The Hiring Process (cont.) Clarify with candidate any probationary status, performance evaluation, salary adjustment procedures, and all other terms of employment. The Board President promptly notifies the applicants not selected. New director may be recommended to attend a thorough orientation program. Board determines whether to have a six-month or one-year probationary period. The board and director should have a mutual agreement of short and long term goals for this probationary period. Board evaluates performance regularly throughout the probationary period.

12 Hiring by Board (cont.) The Hiring Process (cont.) Upon successful completion of probationary period, the board’s supervision and evaluation responsibilities continues. Board should review director’s performance and attainment of goals and objectives annually.

13 Evaluating the Director Why Evaluate the Director? The library director executes board policy. In order to measure the library director’s accomplishments, requires a semi-annual or annual evaluation by the board. This evaluation determines how well the library is being managed; a well managed library is an effective library.

14 Evaluating the Director (cont.) Methods or Tools needed for the Evaluation Evaluation Performance Objective Tool* Summation Form to tally Ratings from Evaluation* Director’s Job Description Self-Evaluation provided by director (optional) Strategic Plan listing goals, objectives, etc. *Please see sample Evaluation Performance Tool and Summation Talley Sheet as a separate document.

15 Evaluating the Director (cont.) Required Elements to Perform Evaluation Hint: Create an Evaluation Process Flow Chart To evaluate the director, the board needs a Flow Chart Guide as follows: Board & Director to establish date for Evaluation Board & Director agree on Evaluation Performance Objectives Director submits Self-Evaluation (optional) Board evaluates & rates performance objectives. Board tallies rating scores for overall percentage points. Board President or full board meets with Director to discuss evaluation.

16 Evaluating the Director (cont.) If director does not meet required expectations: Board may implement a Performance Improvement Plan Permit director to come up with a Performance Improvement Plan or, Board determines if director should be dismissed. If director is dismissed, the hiring process begins again.

17 Evaluating the Director (cont.) Conclusions… There is no one perfect evaluation system. The evaluation process is a continuous one. Most directors welcome the opportunity to have a formal evaluation of their performance. This Hiring and Evaluation Director format is being presented only as a help guide to use when the need arises to hire a director.

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