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TAFE NSW the v TAFE NSW the v alue of Industry engagement Dennis Owen Manager, Client Relations TAFE National Business Customer Relationship Management.

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1 TAFE NSW the v TAFE NSW the v alue of Industry engagement Dennis Owen Manager, Client Relations TAFE National Business Customer Relationship Management

2 Presentation outline Role TAFE NSW National Business Customer Relationship Management.

3 National Business Role Provides a ‘one stop shop’ for large clients’ Focuses only on ‘large clients’ Develops and manages relationships/partnerships with ‘large clients’ on behalf of and in conjunction with the TAFE NSW Institutes

4 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM is “the development and maintenance of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with strategically significant customers” CRM is a business philosophy based on upon individual customers and customised products and services supported by open lines of communication and feedback.

5 Customer Relationship Management is based on trust and value The organisation must: Understand customer needs and problems; Meet their commitments; Provide superior customer relationship management to; Have a passionate interest in establishing and retaining a long- term relationship (e.g., have long-term perspective). Customer Relationship Management

6 The Pre-relationship Stage The event that triggers a buyer to seek a new business partner. The Early Stage Experience is accumulated between the buyer and seller although a great degree of uncertainty and distance exists. The Development Stage Increased levels of transactions lead to a higher degree of commitment and the distance is reduced to a social exchange. Stages in the development of Customer Relationship Management

7 The Long-term Stage Characterised by the organisations’ mutual importance to each other. The Final Stage The interaction between the organisations becomes institutionalized. Stages in the development of Customer Relationship Management

8 Stages in the development of key relationship management Degree of involvement High Low Nature of customer relationship Transactional Collaborative Pre- Key Relationship Management (KRM) Early-KRM Mid-KRM Partnership KRM Synergistic KRM (Millman and Wilson, 1995)

9 Stakeholder Engagement

10 Customer Relationship Management activities


12 Country Energy Country Energy is Australia’s largest energy supply network, providing services across 95 per cent of New South Wales. The company has around 4,00 employees based in regional and remote areas around the state. The company’s focus for the future is to become Australia’s ‘Best Essential Services Provider’. Part of that strategy is a commitment to provide opportunities for its employees for Award progression and career options that meet both the individual employees’ needs and the evolving needs of the business.

13 Country Energy statistics –Network area serves 95% of NSW –200,000 kilometres of powerlines, 1.4 million power poles, 113,000 distribution substations and 120,000 street lights –870,000 retail electricity customers – also retail natural and bottled gas, internet support and energy management services –27,000 gas network customers in southern NSW –10,000 water and sewerage customers in Far West –$1.6 billion in annual revenue

14 Country Energy Challenges Develop new skills and abilities in our existing workforce Ensure training, assessment and skills recognition is targeted to meet clearly identified current and future needs Skill and empower of Team Leaders as mentors to drive the change at the workplace level Achieve maximum leverage from our training budget Signing of extension of the Country Energy- TAFE NSW Agreement Carl Thompson, Country Energy. Elizabeth Mc Gregor Institute Director North Coast Institute and Susan Hartigan Institute Director Western Sydney Institute

15 Organisation Challenges TAFE NSW  Contextualising training services to reflect Country Energy’s systems and processes  Expand “Best Practice” flexible delivery across TAFE NSW (non traditional time, location and delivery methods)  Move from a didactic approach to a more blended delivery method – Customised skills gap training programs with flexible delivery options  Adding the new Electrical Supply Industry Transmission Distribution & Rail (TDR) on TAFE NSW scope – Development of associated learning and assessment resources – Capability to deliver – teachers with appropriate experience and qualifications across CE’s footprint

16 Country Energy Other ways of measuring our success Targeted Awards –NSW Training Awards – Finalist 2007 –Premiers Public Sector Award –Project Mgmt Achievement Awards –Organisation/Change Mgmt –TAFE NSW Quality Awards Targeted Funding –$500k (Organisation and individual) SSP – TAA, OHS & Frontline Management Diploma SCU’s COAG WELL Funding – Literacy, Numeracy and Computer Literacy New Entrant and Existing Worker Traineeships – –Information Services –Telecommunications –Customer Contact –Financial Services

17 Identifying potential customers and their needs Negotiating and advancing dialogue and mutual trust Coordinating the cooperation between the customers and the organisation Encouraging the inter-organisational learning process Contributing to constructive resolution of existing conflicts Leading the customer relationship development process and act as both relationship builders and as relationship promoters for your section. Your role as customer relationship builders and promoters

18 Workshop local examples using templates Questions

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