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December 3, 2014| Nadine Navarro Manager, Smart Commute, Metrolinx NEW DIRECTIONS FOR SMART COMMUTE, METROLINX.

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1 December 3, 2014| Nadine Navarro Manager, Smart Commute, Metrolinx NEW DIRECTIONS FOR SMART COMMUTE, METROLINX

2 Metrolinx Overview 2 Key Business Units that help us fulfill our responsibilities to plan, deliver and operate: Capital Projects Policy, Planning & Innovation Plan we shape the regional transportation system so it is modern, efficient and integrated, now and into the future Deliver we are builders, buyers and managers of infrastructure Operate through our three operating divisions, we help the public move across our region every day, with a focus on customer service excellence

3 History of Smart Commute – Some Key Dates 1999Establish Smart Commute Initiative 2001First TMA - “Black Creek Regional Transportation Management Association” 2004 Transport Canada support ‘Smart Commute Initiative’: TMAs and central GTHA coordinating body ( “Smart Commute Association”); 2 nd TMA in Markham/Richmond Hill 2008 Smart Commute Association joins Metrolinx: 10 TMAs, servicing 104 organizations; school travel program initiated, plus multi-municipal committee for region-wide TDM 2009Start of the Stepping It Up, and Active and Sustainable School Travel program 201011 TMAs: Strategic goal to grow number of workplaces serviced by program 201413 TMAs; program is working with 340 workplaces 3

4 Smart Commute Workplace Program 4

5 TMA Models Not for Profit Governed by Board of Directors In-house staff Fees for services Metrolinx + municipal + non- governmental funding Board of Trade/ Chamber of Commerce Governed by Board of Directors/ Chamber of Commerce, supported by Advisory Board In-house staff No fees for services Primarily Metrolinx + municipal funding Non-Fee Municipal Governed by municipality Delivery may be procured No fees for services Metrolinx + municipal funding For- Fee Municipal Governed by municipality Delivery may be procured Fees for services Metrolinx + municipal + non- governmental funding 5

6 School Travel - Trends & Need for Action 6 Transportation To School Mode Share (1986-2011) Age 11-13 Source: R. Buliung U of T Journeys to School and Work (2014) using TTS Data 20% decrease in GTHA active school travel since 1986 Relationship between school travel & parental work commute 20% of am peak hour traffic is connected to school travel Our mandate: RTP vision of 60% of children walking or cycling to school by 2031 Children today are the commuters of 2031 and beyond

7 Why New Directions? TO2015

8 Developing the Five-Year Strategy Growth – Workplace Program Depth – Broader Mandate 8 Smart Commute Member Workplaces

9  Serve with Passion  Play as a Team  Think Forward  Build & Strengthen  Integrate  Innovate  Measure & Target  Lead by example Our Vision & Mission MX Vision & Values Smart Commute Mission Workplace School Community Project Evaluation & Partnerships 9

10 Build and Strengthen the Program Smart Commute Strategy 2014/15 - 2019/20 10 Smart Commute Strengthen Engagement with Workplaces Delivery of TDM for School Travel TDM for Active and Sustainable Communities

11 Integrate 11 Fully integrate TDM into regional change opportunities Metrolinx Services Stations Integration of fares, services, information Policy Municipal + Goods movement and active travel Local transit Local planning Key Change Opportunities TORONTO 2015 Pan/ Parapan Am Games (Road network) Construction Extreme weather events

12 Innovate 12 Promote and encourage innovation for mobility and TDM solutions Looking forward Supporting a culture of innovation Empowering partnerships Seeking new ways to collaborate

13 Measure, Target and Communicate 13 Focus our efforts on initiatives that can best achieve and demonstrate behaviour change Build evaluation into projects from the beginning Apply new KPIs to measure performance Develop Workplace Program Impact Assessment Improve financial data Introduce recognition and awards to reflect the entire program

14 Lead by Example 14 Deliver best practice in-house Learn from our experiences, challenges, mistakes and successes Demonstrate our commitment

15 Getting to GO 15 GO Station Access Carpool to GO GO Electric Zipcar to GO Promotion & Awareness Bike to GO Supporting efficient access to GO Transit facilities 463 carpool spaces at 46 stations 20 EV chargers at 10 stations 6 car sharing vehicles at 6 stations

16 Looking Ahead: Workplaces 16 Strengthening Engagement with Workplaces Measure, Target, SolidifyImprove data collection Investigate segmentation Solidify toolkit Optimize Opportunity of 2015 Games Implement telework pilots Deliver Games Service Maximize legacy opportunities

17 Looking Ahead: Schools 17 TDM for School Travel Complete Strategy & Implementation Plan for GTHA School Travel Initiate GTHA Active and Sustainable School Transportation Regional Hub Progress research and information sharing to inform and equip regional partners

18 Looking Ahead: Communities 18 TDM for Active and Sustainable Communities Benchmark TDM activity, solidify resources and partnerships Further sustainable station access Progress improvements to station bike storage Further “zones” for station access options Include TDM planning for stations Progress Regional Active Transportation role Provide traveller information for local and regional trips, including alternatives and opportunities

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