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Hot Topic Conversations AFLF Funding 2010. Ambition in Action Presenters /Stephan Ridgway, Workforce Development /Paulis Cheung, Workforce.

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1 Hot Topic Conversations AFLF Funding 2010

2 Ambition in Action Presenters /Stephan Ridgway, Workforce Development /Paulis Cheung, Workforce Development /Rose Grozdanic, National Coordinator E- learning Innovations

3 Ambition in Action Topics /AFLF Overview /NSW E-Learning Innovations /Submission Guidelines /Sydney Institute internal process /Writing your submission /Important dates

4 Ambition in Action AFLF National Funding for 2010 Leadership /Develop e-standards for training ($100,000)e-standards for training /E-portfolios ($25, 000)E-portfolios /Produce further Flexible Learning Toolboxes ($1.1m)Flexible Learning Toolboxes Innovation Industry Integration of E-learning /One new industry sector to begin in 2010 for two year plan ($75,000) /Nine ongoing industry sectors - committed ($575,000) /Develop innovative e-learning solutions in their state/territory through E-learning Innovations projects ($5.3m)E-learning Innovations projects More information:

5 Ambition in Action NSW E-Learning Innovations Projects /RTO’s or RTO lead partnerships can apply for funding ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 /Clearly identified need to embed E-Learning into existing delivery /Strong partnership with industry or community organisation /Projects run for 7 months May-Nov

6 Ambition in Action Project streams Business-training provider partnership projects involve a demonstrable relationship with one or more businesses and/or employers who have engaged the services of the RTO to embed e- learning solutions in that workplace or business. Empowering learners projects target the needs of individuals in the community or existing and future learners of the RTO through stimulating demand, providing greater choice, responding to the needs of disadvantaged learners and through facilitating increased RPL (recognition of prior learning).

7 Ambition in Action Business-training provider partnership priorities Priority will be given to applications that result in or contribute to higher level qualifications. Identified priority areas for 2010 include (but are not restricted to): /Primary industries /Banking and finance /Online services /Children's services /Green skills and sustainability

8 Ambition in Action Empowering learners priorities /youth at risk, Indigenous learners, learners with disabilities /mature age workers, and learners who are disadvantaged because of their location and/or their inability to access technology.

9 Ambition in Action Successful Projects in 2009 40 projects were funded across the NSW VET sector in 2009 TAFE NSW Sydney Institute submitted 9 proposals to Innovation E-learning 09 funding, two were successful. /Petersham College - Child studies partnership with Lady Gowrie- RPL E-Learning solution with Adobe Connect /St George College - Architectural Technology - Online CAD tutorials called ‘Revit’ access remote learning

10 Ambition in Action Thinking about a submission? /Read the applications guidelines & application form /Read the Sydney Institute Annual Plan 2010 /What is your need? And how will E-Learning address it? /Who could you partner with? /Attend a AFLF info session /Has another team already done what you are planning? /Think about a team, project manager, facilitator etc. /Come prepared to the SI submission writing workshop on the 10 th Feb

11 Ambition in Action Roles in the Project /Project Manager /Project Facilitator/Mentor /Industry Partnerships- Signed Business Agreement /Team roles- all accountable

12 Ambition in Action Sydney Institute Process /Submission must have support by college/cluster mgmt get them onboard in the planning phase /Submissions must align with the business directions of the Institute /Projects need to have a signed agreement of support from your partner /All project submissions are reviewed by an internal committee prior to being signed off by the institute director and submitted to the AFLF Note: Date for review committee is COB 23 February

13 Ambition in Action Timelines /AFLF info sessions 12 Feb online, F2F 16 th Feb /Submission Workshop Wed10 th February in DG40 and St George D2.16 + VC /Submission to WFD COB 23 February /Review will have the submission endorsed by ID (if it meets the requirements) /Submissions to AFLF 2 March

14 Ambition in Action Who to contact /WFD Stephan Ridgway or Paulis Cheung /AFLF Gail Smith, NSW Innovations Coordinator, gail.smith[at] (02) 92445290

15 Ambition in Action Questions

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