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Sue Morgan Head of Enterprise Education Welsh Assembly Government.

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1 Sue Morgan Head of Enterprise Education Welsh Assembly Government

2 1: Wales, Key Economic Facts Wales is a small country, only 160 miles North to South and 50 miles East to West with 3 million inhabitants There are approximately 189,000 businesses in Wales 98% of Welsh businesses employ less than 50 people 94% of Welsh businesses employ less than 10 (Source: National Statistics for National Assembly of Wales, February 2009)

3 Enterprise Priorities To start, sustain and grow businesses in Wales by providing an inclusive, focussed and tailored support for businesses First class customer service for all business support provided by the Welsh Assembly Government Enterprise education to develop and nurture self- sufficient, entrepreneurial young people in all communities across Wales, who will contribute positively to economic and social success

4 Education in Wales. Phase of education Type of InstitutionKey StageYearAge Higher & Further Education Universities & Colleges18+ Upper Secondary School Further education institutions or school sixth forms 14-19Yrs 12 - 1316-19 Secondary schools14-19Yrs 10-1114-16 Lower secondary School Secondary schoolsKey Stage 3Yrs 7 - 911-14 Primary SchoolPrimary schoolsKey Stage 2Yrs 3 - 67-11 Foundation Phase R + yrs 1 - 23-7 Pre school and nursery pre-school groups, playgroups, day nurseries, nursery schools Pre-school0-3

5 Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES) YES was launched in 2004 with a vision “to develop and nurture self-sufficient, entrepreneurial young people in all communities across Wales, who will contribute positively to economic and social success.” Key partners from all across Wales have contributed to the development of the strategy Recognised at EU level as one of the top 10 good practices in Small and Medium Enterprise policy “most beneficial to implement.”

6 Common Model of Entrepreneurship - ACRO Attitude! Creativity Organisation Relationships

7 Framework for Enterprise Education Awareness: Developing the Culture Learning: Equipping young people with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience Support: Providing an effective and demand- led support infrastructure

8 Raising Awareness: Entrepreneurial Role Models 260 Dynamo Role Models Presentations to 45,000 pupils per annum 230 secondary schools (92%) Role Model Presentations aim to : Motivate and encourage self belief and positive thinking Educate about the reality of being your own boss Draw out entrepreneurial characteristics

9 Learning: Embedding Entrepreneurship into the National Curriculum Entrepreneurial Curriculum materials have been developed for students aged 5-19 Branded Dynamo, the materials are based on a Continuum of Learning set out against the ACRO model and focused on developing entrepreneurial skills Almost 2000 primary, secondary and college teachers and lecturers have been trained ScipMoPoppiBootsPip

10 Learning: Experiential Learning Opportunities Global Enterprise Challenge provides a 24 hour experiential learning opportunity for those in Further Education 5,000 participants in local, regional, national and international competitions

11 Providing Support Entrepreneurship strategies are in place in all 35 Further and Higher Education Institutions. A network of Entrepreneurship Champions embed entrepreneurship within each institution Comprehensive programmes of finance and mentoring available to those in Further and Higher Education Institutions to support the development of business ideas into business starts

12 Achievements Suite of Dynamo Curriculum Materials that focus on skill development and experiential learning for young people aged 5-19 Revision of the National Curriculum in Wales to focus on skills and facilitate the statutory integration of entrepreneurship Inclusion of entrepreneurship within the inspection framework for schools and colleges Establishment of Dynamo Role Model Network to work with young people to motivate and inspire young people. Selected by EU as an example of good practice Network of Entrepreneurship Champions in FE and HE to facilitate the development of institutional strategies for entrepreneurship and seek to initiate and support cultural change

13 Impacts Consistent upward trend amongst young people under 30 who wish to be their own boss, from 41% in 2001 to 56% in 2008 GEM (2008) provides clear evidence that involvement in entrepreneurship education substantially increases the likelihood of involvement of individuals in entrepreneurship, particularly activity in HE HEBCIS (2007) survey reports graduates in Wales establishing 11% of all UK graduate start ups with only 5% of the student population 1200 graduates supported to start a business in the last 5 years and 600+ KEF financial Scholarships awarded. These companies contributed £22million to the Welsh economy in 2007

14 Early Stage Entrepreneurship in Wales GEM 2008

15 YES 2009-2015 A revised Action Plan is under development to deliver the One Wales commitment to “create and develop links between entrepreneurship and education” Reviewed progress to date Series of focus groups with students and their educators looking at perceptions and influencing factors Dynamo Role Model Conference workshops National Enterprise Education Workshop for stakeholders Consultation report to engage partners Draft Action Plan presented to Ministers

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