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Department of Transportation. Weve come a long way!

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1 Department of Transportation

2 Weve come a long way!

3 County Profile El Paso County encompasses an area of 2,158 square miles The largest city in the county is the city of Colorado Springs, comprising 189 square miles Much of the eastern part of the county remains agricultural and grazing land, although development is beginning to spread east at a rapid pace. The Department of Transportation maintains 921.31 miles of paved roads and 1076.43 miles of gravel roads. Colorado El Paso County

4 Facilities and Equipment Main facility (Operations Center) is in Colorado Springs Seven outlying facilities The outlying yards are located in different areas of the county to better perform daily maintenance activities in a more efficient manner, and to respond to emergencies. Truckton Calhan Peyton Fox Run Ellicott Fountain Black Forest


6 Facilities and Equipment Operations Center –Houses Highway, Engineering and Administration Divisions –Houses the Fleet Management Department The operations center is centrally located within the county and has the largest number of employees and equipment. Remove concrete and asphalt; crush and screen at Marksheffel facility for use as road base and shouldering material.



9 Staff The Department of Transportation staff includes approximately 180 employees There are four divisions within DOT

10 Staff Capital Projects Management Division –Capital Projects Management Group Provides contract administration for civil engineering design, and road and drainage construction projects –Stormwater Management Group Manages water quality programs and permitting Manages stormwater management programs

11 Staff Engineering Division –Design, Traffic and Program Management Group Provides technical guidance for maintenance and construction projects in accordance with local, state, and federal criteria Provides traffic operations and traffic engineering analysis –Survey and Inspections Group Collects survey information for design and construction Inspects projects constructed by DOT employees or contractors to verify that construction meets required specifications –Transportation Planning Group Works with other local agencies to predict future growth, and determine location of major transportation corridors

12 Staff Highway Division –Roadways Group Maintains paved roads (approximately 921 miles) and aggregate roads (approximately 1,076 miles –Drainage Group Maintains 235 bridges and approximately 4,100 drainage culverts (about 212,933 feet) Maintains crossroad pipe, longitudinal ditches, curb, gutter, sidewalks, detention ponds, drainage channels –Support Group Includes truck string, general maintenance crew, and personnel in charge of signs (approximately 23,575) and signals (77) –For snow removal, the Highway Division organizes geographically into two separate shifts to conduct continuous 24- hour operations, if necessary

13 Staff Administration Division –Resource Management Group Coordinates all department financial activities –Customer Service and Dispatch Group Coordinates the department service request system for citizens, staff, and elected officials, and dispatches response teams to emergencies –Communications and Training Support Group Ensures adequate communications and technology is deployed in support of all DOT activities Schedules and coordinates logistical support to training and conference activities –Employment Services Office Provides personnel services to DOT employees

14 Budget and Finance Funding for the budget comes from the following sources: –Property taxes –Mill levy –Federal funding –State funding –Partnering –Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Partnering

15 Staff Several of our employees have won significant awards in their fields: –Public Works Individual Achievement Award for production of the County map –Excellence in Engineering Award for the Monument Dam project –Best in Colorado Asphalt Pavement Award from the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association for Security Boulevard –Equipment road-eo winners came in first in two other counties as well as El Paso, and went on to the state competition taking first prize.

16 Constituent Relations An important component of good constituent relations is excellent customer service –Dispatchers on duty 24/7 –Exceptional service request tracking system –Customer Service Superintendent and Highway Division Manager personally follow up on requests for quality assurance –A follow-up survey post card is sent to every fourth citizen who reports a problem

17 20001,707 20012,698 20022,677 20033,147 20043,496 20053,429 Total17,155 Service Requests from 2000-2005 2,234 service requests as of August 15, 2006

18 New Projects and Programs Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority –Approved by voters in 2004 –One cent sales tax for El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Green Mountain Falls, and Manitou Springs 55% to be used for capital projects (sunset after 10 years) 35% to be used for maintenance (no sunset) 10% to be used for transit (no sunset)

19 New Projects and Programs Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority –List of capital projects divided into three categories – A, B, and C –El Paso County in some phase of work on eight of A list projects –Four capital projects under construction –Two capital projects will be completed this year –Total spent to date for capital and maintenance projects -- $10,442,328

20 El Paso County Department of Transportation In 2004 the Department of Transportation employees formed a vision. Thanks to dedicated employees, a supportive County government, and the citizens of El Paso County, we are following our vision.

21 El Paso County DOT Vision We envision a continuing need to maintain and improve the Countys existing and future road network and drainage systems. This will be accomplished by utilizing available manpower, training, new technologies, and modern equipment. The Department of Transportation will meet escalating public demands, population, traffic and regulations by increasing our ability to be more efficient, accountable, and responsive. We will continue to set examples and to be recognized as a leader in County public works.


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