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Oklahoma Department of Transportation Susan McClune Regulatory Services.

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1 Oklahoma Department of Transportation Susan McClune Regulatory Services

2 Doing Business with ODOT Construction – highway projects Preconstruction – engineering design Procurement - purchasing

3 Construction Projects are advertised and are subject to the competitive bidding act. Bidders must be prequalified to bid as prime contractors by the Office Engineer Division. Bids are opened once a month, usually every third Thursday. Contract awards are made by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission at the scheduled meetings, usually the first Monday of each month

4 Construction Prime contractors may subcontract up to 50% of their work to subcontractors, who are not required to be prequalified. Subs bid directly to the prime bidder (plan holder). Prime contractor also use the services of material suppliers, manufacturers, trucking firms, and construction staking firms.

5 Construction Highway projects are both federally- assisted and state-aid funded. Types: –Bridge rehabilitation and replacement –Surface Transportation –Interstate Maintenance –Enhancement

6 Project Areas of Work The areas of work performed on highway projects include: Grade & Drain – clearing & grubbing, excavation, grading, and embankment Erosion & Sediment Control – temporary sediment control, solid slab sodding, etc. Bases – aggregate bases, sub base, etc. Trucking – dirt, aggregates, asphalt.

7 Project Areas of Work Surfaces – asphalt and concrete paving Structures – bridges Incidental construction – guardrail, fencing, curb & gutter, sidewalks, etc. Material Suppliers of products used in the construction of highway projects Construction staking Traffic Control – lighting, signs, striping, delineators, construction traffic control

8 ODOT’s Website Contracts and Proposals – information includes: Notice to Contractors – information regarding upcoming bid openings, including pay items Plan Holders List – which prequalified contractors have taken out plans on each project Prequalified Contractors List Bid Letting Reports Bid Opening Calendar

9 Preconstruction Engineering design – roadway, bridges, hydraulics/hydrology, geotechnical Survey – professional land surveyors Construction Management Right-of-Way Services Providers Bridge Inspection Environmental Studies

10 Preconstruction Qualification based selection process. A firm must be registered with ODOT’s Project Management Division in order to receive solicitations. Professional services consultants may also work with prime consultants as sub consultants. Information regarding solicitations is available on ODOT’s website.

11 Preconstruction Right-of-Way Division is responsible for selecting service providers in the areas of: Turnkey Firms, Project Managers, Mapping, Title Investigation, Appraisal, Appraisal Review, Negotiation, Relocation, Demolition, and Utility Relocation Coordination. A prequalification application must be completed and submitted for approval. Once approved, the firm is placed on the ROW Division’s approved service provider list. ROW will send out Requests for Proposals only to those providers on their list.

12 Preconstruction The Project Management Division is responsible for the consultant selection process. Solicitations for services include: Survey, Roadway Design, Bridge Design, Construction Management, Environmental, Bridge Inspection, Geo-tech, and Hydrology. A Professional Services Information form must be completed in order to receive solicitations. Once the need has been determined and the scope of work developed, a Solicitation of Interest (SOI) is issued electronically to those on the approved list. A Letter of Interest is the consultant’s response to an SOI. This response must include:

13 SOI Letter of Interest with reference to the specific solicitation Proposed table of organization of the project team identifying the project principal, the project manager, key staff, and sub consultants Information that is common to each contract The statement of qualifications (CAP255) This is a qualifications based selection process. Information about these solicitations may be found on Project Management’s website at: tanthomepage.htm

14 Procurement Purchasing of goods the Agency uses is governed by the Central Purchasing Act and Central Purchasing Rules Most purchases in excess of $25,000 are sent to the Department of Central Purchasing (DCS) for competitive bids A firm must be registered with DCS in order to receive solicitations

15 Purchasing Limits Department of Transportation Purchasing - $0 - $25,000 Department of Central Services $25,000 and above DCS’ Website:

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