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Lander Streets and Utilities 2015 Public Meeting No. 2 McDougall & Cliff Project Area.

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1 Lander Streets and Utilities 2015 Public Meeting No. 2 McDougall & Cliff Project Area

2 Presentation Outline Introduction to Project Cost and Funding Project Specific Scope – McDougall and Cliff Status Construction Schedule Public Involvement McDougall & Cliff

3 Lander Streets and Utilities 2015 McDougall & Cliff

4 Costs & Funding Total Estimated Project Costs $5.49M Funding 1% Optional Sales Tax Countywide Consensus Water Fund Sewer Fund McDougall & Cliff

5 McDougall & Cliff Project McDougall & Cliff

6 McDougall & Cliff Scope Full Street Reconstruction Pavement Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalks Type A Curb 4-ft Wide Sidewalks Driveway Approaches ADA Ramps McDougall & Cliff

7 McDougall & Cliff Scope Utility Replacement Water Mains and Services w/ Curb Stop Sanitary Sewer Mains and Services w/ Cleanout Gas Utilities – McDougall – Relocate by Source Gas McDougall & Cliff

8 Project Status 90% Design Presented to City & 1% Committee – March 23 rd Permitting – Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and Wyoming Department of Transportation – Pending Final Design Ready for Bidding – April 13, 2015 McDougall & Cliff

9 Construction Full Time Inspection & Oversight Construction Activities One street at a time per project area 7am – 6pm, M-F No work on holidays or weekends Road Closures Utility Work - Water and Sewer Crews 800 feet at one time Trenches will be backfilled or barricaded Roadway Work – Milling, Final Grading, Paving Entire length McDougall & Cliff

10 Construction Access During Construction Vehicular Access Access prohibited for a maximum of 10 hours at a time Limited to pedestrian access during these times Open to local traffic – evenings, weekends, and holidays Contacted by contractor a minimum of 48 hours prior to blocking access Pedestrian Access Maintained Parking On street nearby FCSD1 parking area off 9 th and Sweetwater McDougall & Cliff

11 Construction Disruption to Water & Sanitary Sewer Service Shutdown Times – Approved by City Maximum Allowable Interruption of Service – 10 hours Service must be returned at end of work day Temporary water service may be required Contacted by Contractor a Minimum of 48 Hours Prior to Interruption of Service McDougall & Cliff

12 Construction Deliveries Mail Delivery – Walking Route – No Change Regular Parcel Delivery – Park and Walk – No Change Freight Delivery – Coordinate for Access with Contractor Medical or Other Deliveries - Coordinate with Contractor Emergency Access LPD, EMS, and Fire – Routine Updates from DOWL & Contactor Contractor is Required to Provide Immedidate Access McDougall & Cliff

13 Construction Solid Waste Collection Contractor to Collect Bus Routes Some impact to activity buses - DOWL to Coordinate Those with special needs & others who use a transportation service will need to coordinate with the Contractor Parked Vehicles Contractor to provide a 72 hour notice to requesting vehicle be moved May request assistance of LPD after 72 hours McDougall & Cliff

14 Construction Mailboxes, Signs, Fences, & Landscaping To be removed within construction area and reinstalled Small shrubs and bushes in ROW will be removed Trees >2” diameter will remain Drainage Contractor to maintain drainage in and around construction area Housekeeping Contractor is responsible for cleaning up rubbish, dust control, cleaning up tracked soil or mud onto existing roads, maintaining roads during shutdowns McDougall & Cliff

15 Schedule Advertise for Bid - April 19 th & April 26 th Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference – April 30 th Bid Opening – May 7 th Award Bid – May 12 th Construction – June – October 2015 McDougall & Cliff

16 Continued Public Involvement Next Meeting – Meet the Contractor Weekly Progress Meetings – On Site – Visit with DOWL Routine Updates Provided on City Website Contact Engineer Diane L. Oress, PE Project Manager 307.332.3285 McDougall & Cliff

17 Questions? McDougall & Cliff

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