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{ Kitsap County 2015 Budget December 1, 2014. Kitsap County Proposed 2015 Budget $339 Million.

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1 { Kitsap County 2015 Budget December 1, 2014

2 Kitsap County Proposed 2015 Budget $339 Million

3 # of FundsType of Fund2015 TotalExample 1General Fund$ 85,113,280Law & Justice, Parks, Admin 56Special Revenue $134,771,769Roads, Mental Health, Cencom, Community Development 6Debt Service$ 10,207,611Repayment of Debt 3Capital Projects$ 3,359,398Parks, Facilities 13Enterprise$ 80,202,802Solid Waste, Sewer, Stormwater 5Internal Service$ 25,383,753Fleet & Equipment, Risk Mgmt, Technology, Benefits Total = 82$339,038,613 Fund Structure – 2015 Preliminary Most Funds are legally restricted for very specific purposes

4 What is the General Fund?  The County’s largest individual fund and the center of County budget challenges  The one fund outside of Public Works that citizens think about when considering County services and functions  Finances the majority of the traditional services associated with County government  Most of the budget deliberations center around this fund since it allows for resource allocation flexibility  Primary sources of revenue = Property and Sales Taxes

5 General Fund Revenues vs. Expenditures

6 General Fund Expenditures – 2015 (By Function) Misc. Admin = Auditor Assessor Treasurer Commissioners Admin Services Human Resources

7 General Fund Expenditures – 2015 (By Category)

8 General Fund Revenue - 2015

9 Property and Sales Tax Receipts

10 Your Property Tax Dollar - 2014 County 9.7% Roads 8.2% State Education 19.9% Local Schools 34.6% Fire Districts 13.7% Other* 7.5% *Other = Conservation Futures, Ports, Utility Districts, Park Districts, Libraries Cities 6.4%

11 New Construction Tax Dollars

12 Fund2015 PrelimFunding Source Road Maintenance$ 27,294,079Property Tax (Road Levy) Road Construction$ 14,730,000Fuel Tax Solid Waste Operations$ 3,867,922Charges for Service Transfer Station Operations$ 11,230,375Charges for Service Sewer Utility Operations$ 17,334,729Sewer Rates Sewer Utility Construction$ 20,713,227Sewer Rates, Bonds Central Communications (911)$ 10,288,970Sales Tax, Phone Excise Tax, Agency Charges Community Development$ 7,856,148General Fund, Permit Fees, Engineering Fees Other Major Funds – 2015 Budget

13  6 New Corrections Officer Positions  3 New Deputy Sheriff Positions  3 New Parks Maintenance Positions  1 New Fire Inspector Position  ½ Time New Plans Examiner Position  Additional Funds for Treasurer’s Office Staff to Restore Staff Hours to Full Time (open all day on Friday)  Additional Funding for the Comprehensive Plan Update  Additional Funding for Addressing Project  Additional Training Dollars  Additional Funding for Sheriff & Jail Uniforms and Supplies  Additional Funding for Parks Maintenance Projects Major Changes – 2015 Budget

14  Board of County Commissioners & County Administrator  Elected Officials, Department Heads and Department Budget Coordinators  Budget Office Staff  Stephanie Hettema, Lisa Fryer, Jackie Cutlip, Kris Carlson  Citizen Volunteers – Budget Review Committee  Jim Carmichael, Jim Sommerhauser, Steve Maxim, Chad Enright Special Thanks To…

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