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Annexation Presentation 06/10/20141 Planning for our Future.

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1 Annexation Presentation 06/10/20141 Planning for our Future.

2 Provide a compact, contiguous and distinct city boundary Plan for and manage future transportation needs Control storm water runoff Provide for future extension of the city’s water and sewer systems Insure compatible land use Continue to maintain a financially sound community 04/28/20142 Why Annex?

3 Transportation Management As growth occurs outside the municipal limits, continued demand is placed on the city’s transportation infrastructure requiring the city to secure right-of-way for collector and major streets for future improvements and added capacity. East West Parkway located in “South” annexation area is designated as a proposed major roadway in the City’s long range Comprehensive Transportation Plan. 3

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5 04/28/20145

6 Storm Water Runoff There are approximately 10 various water sheds surrounding Washington located in unincorporated Franklin County 28,004 Acres in the Busch Creek, Southwest Busch Creek and Dubois Creek flows through the city limits adding to flooding issues along the Busch and Dubois Creek area. Franklin County has limited authority and control of storm-water management issues effecting local communities. 6

7 Busch Creek “Bowl” SW Branch South Branch Dubois Creek

8 04/28/20148

9 West Area: 131 acres (5 tracts) South Area: 294 acres East Area: 35 acres (2 tracts) Total Acreage: 460 acres ANNEXATION AREA 9

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11 04/28/201411

12 04/28/201412

13 04/28/201413

14 Property Tax Rate: $0.6062 per $100 AV ($0.1871 is allocated to the Fire Fund) Estimated Tax Revenues Est. Assessed Taxes Valuation Property $5,177,335$31,385 Utility Tax$26,975 Total Revenue$58,360 ½ of 1% of the City’s General Fund NOTE: The City contracts with Franklin County Commission and the Collector’s Office for collection of City property taxes. Estimated cost for tax collection (2 1/2 %) or $785. PROJECTED REVENUE 14

15  Projected Annual Operating Expenses – General Fund 04/28/201415 PROJECTED EXPENSES Service2014 Dollars Administration, Municipal Court, Communications, Engineering, Building Inspections, IT, Building & Grounds, Parks, Library and Airport $0 Law Enforcement$24,650 General Street Maintenance (paint, patch, plow) $9,400 Street Lighting$4,050 Total$38,100

16  Projected Capital Expenses – General, Transportation, & Enterprise Funds 04/28/201416 PROJECTED EXPENSES Capital Items2014 Dollars Communication (Weather Siren) $30,000 Streets (Baker Estates and Meadowlake Farm) $157,000 Water Line Extensions$356,000 Sewer Line Extensions$193,500 Total$736,500

17 Equitable Provision of Services Parks and Recreation Landfill and Recycling Center Special Road District Approximately 90% of the SRD budget is funded by the Cit y Dispatching All emergency calls are processed through our 911 Center Fire Protection

18 04/28/201418 Average Home Value $277,000 Personal Property Value $20,000 Real Personal Total Estate Property New Haven (0.2500) $132. $16.$148. Marthasville (0.4100) $216. $26.$242. Boles FPD (0.8024) $422. $51. $473. Union (0.1379) $ 73. $ 9.$ 82. (Also has ½ sales tax) Washington (0.1871)$ 99. $12.$111. Washington Rural Fire Association$ 40. Fire Protection

19  Tuesday August 5 th 2014  Tuesday November 4 th 2014(if necessary) (receive a majority within the City but not within the proposed annexation area) (voters will receive notification cards and vote at the normal polling place) 19 ELECTION DATES

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