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Piedmont Improvement Program NC Society of Engineers August 5, 2011.

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1 Piedmont Improvement Program NC Society of Engineers August 5, 2011

2 Piedmont Improvement Program (PIP) Projects Budget Schedule Approach Coordination Risks Objectives

3 Modernized Rail and Highway Efficient, Safe and Reliable Freight, Intermodal and Passenger Planning for the Future Piedmont Improvement Program (PIP)

4 5 Projects totaling $20 million Purchase and rehabilitate 10 passenger cars Equipment Purchase and rebuild 5 locomotives Equipment will support Service Expansion Anticipated Date of Completion November 2012

5 8 Projects totaling $37 million Double Cary Station size, lengthen platform Burlington, lengthen platform Enhance security Expand maintenance facilities RGH and CLT Add canopy at Kannapolis Increase High Point Station parking spaces Security and Public Information Display Systems Station and Facilities

6 $129 Million Concrete Trench for CSXTs Mainline Tracks Grade Separates Norfolk Southern Mainline Tracks and CATS North Corridor Tracks Mainline Grade Separation Maintains Road and Rail Access to Archer Daniels Midland mill Charlotte Railroad Improvement and Safety Program (CRISP)

7 38 Projects totaling $364 million 28 miles of double track 18 new bridges 12 miles of new highway construction 4 miles of passing sidings 24 at grade crossings closed Expands capacity and mobility Improves transportation safety Track and Structures

8 Major funded corridor projects New roadway grade separations and crossing closures Railroad alignment improvements to allow future 90 mph operation Major railroad signal system improvements Multiple contracts expected for design and construction Significant expansion of capacity and mobility Double Track Projects

9 Budget Funding SourceTotal (Millions) ARRA$545 $1.5 $4 PRIIA$22 NCRR Norfolk Southern City of Charlotte $41 $3.5 $5 Safety$16 Total$638

10 Rail Division: Manages NEPA, PE, Final Design - PEFs Used - Turn-key Designs - Project Management - RFPs – Track, Structure, Roadway Coordinates with Division of Highways Preconstruction for review support, field Divisions on construction Coordinates with FRA, NCRR, NS, CSXT and Amtrak on contracts, design, scheduling, construction, and reporting Approach to Management

11 Track and Structures 17 PEFs under contract through LSC 19 PEFs under contract or will be by Fall 2011 through RFP NCDOT Lets Highways, Grade Separations, and Railroad Roadbed Projects, Construction Substantially Complete Norfolk Southern Lets Track work and Railroad Signals – Predominately Constructed in NS/CSXT Mainline Grade Separation NCDOT Lets Trench, Associated Roadways, and Railroad Roadbed – Construction to be Done in 2014 – 2017 Track work and signals Let by CSXT Approach to Delivery

12 Highway Elements (roadway and structure) NCDOT Central Let process Railroad Earthwork, grading and drainage for track (ballast down) Approach to Construction NCDOT Central Let process; NCDOT manages Track (ballast up) Railroads will utilize contractors through Railroad Special Let Railroad live track and signal work Railroad and force account labor

13 Coordination with NCDOT Contract Standards and Development Unit to let contracts NCDOT Field Divisions will administer and manage grading contracts Approach to Construction NCDOT Field Divisions will contract engineering and inspection services for grading and site work (CEI) NCDOT Rail Division provides oversight of railroad managed construction

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