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Document Imaging at Vanderbilt University Presented by: Mary G. Hayes, Manager of Computing & Technology Vanderbilt University, Department of Accounting.

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2 Document Imaging at Vanderbilt University Presented by: Mary G. Hayes, Manager of Computing & Technology Vanderbilt University, Department of Accounting Ian Llado, Senior Account Manager Optical Image Technology, Inc. (Booth #209)

3 Introduction Too much paper!! How can I get to it? What do I look for first? The Dean asked for this 3 days ago and I still can’t find it! Customers are getting mad at us. We need something better. Where should we start? HELP!!

4 Topics of Discussion Planning Strategy Goals of the project What will our goals achieve? Implementation Problems encountered Problem resolution Future growth Partnering with OIT Background of OIT Other Higher Education Implementations Questions and wrap up

5 Planning Strategy Team developed for project Requirements for vendor solution Attended AIIM Imaging Conference Selected 4 initial vendors Requested demos & consultation Narrowed vendors down to 2 Selected OIT Presentations made to MIS and ITS Created Budget for years 1-3 Submitted to Controller for approval

6 Goals of the Project Replace outsourced microfilm with in-house up to date technology. Reduce time spent trying to access original documents by providing access from desktop computers. Provide users with the ability to save images, e-mail and/or fax images to departments requesting documentation. Establish new procedures to include document prep and scanning of documents for staff doing data entry. Expand to include WEB access. Expand functionality with COLD module implementation to reduce paper waste.

7 What will our goals achieve? Transition original document storage from outsourcing to Microfilm Vendor, to an in-house imaging solution on the cutting edge. Improve customer service by providing faster retrieval of original documents and better quality images. Time = Money: the time savings for staff has more than doubled and with the ease of this technology, the time they save is freed up for other projects. Future Growth: Not only does this solve immediate issues, the room for project growth is accomplished by adding new modules. In this way, we don’t incur additional cost until we are ready to expand.

8 Implementation Network Configuration Imaging Server Remote Administration Scanning/Indexing Station Clients

9 Client Base Office of the Controller General Accounting Contract and Grant Accounting Accounts Payable Internal Audit Purchasing Student Accounting Library Human Resources Occupational Health

10 Potential Growth Other Departments Human Resources- Expand installation Institutional Planning and Advancement Vanderbilt Medical Center

11 Learn from our experience! Problems Encountered Learn from our experience! Staffing for document prep Implement in conjunction with changing the work processes to compliment the use of the product. Space! Shredding costs Server growth planning Budget projections for years 3-5

12 Problem Resolution- Teamwork! Determine actual time it takes to prep different document types. Determine actual time it takes to index scanned document types. Request more staff to meet the need. Cross train prep and indexing staff—switch tasks. Rearranged office space and requested additional storage room. Meet with management to discuss changing work processes in AP Consultation with SAN’s solution providers. Developed budget projections

13 Future Growth What else can we improve? Scan more document types Expand client base. Link server to SAN for future archieving. Enable Web Access Further automate the process by adding process management and eForms. Integrate OIT with other applications like Peoplesoft. Further the use of OIT throughout the University.

14 Partnering with OIT Willing to start small and grow with us. The company wrote and owns the software code. OIT has been in the Document Imaging business since 1986. Secure and flexible program. Software is user friendly and easy to administer without paying additional fees for programming. Technical support-outstanding OIT employees act as true business partners to Vanderbilt

15 Background of OIT Global Solutions Provider since 1986 Licensed over 3000 servers, over 100,000 concurrent users and manage billions of pages in organizations worldwide Leading edge, customer driven solutions developed in-house Private company with zero debt! Virtually 100% Maintenance Renewal Offer a truly integrated suite of document management technologies

16 Truly Integrated Solution COLD-ERM Document Management Document Scanning Workflow ‘EDM Desktop’ Integrated Front-End

17 Some OIT Customers Other Customers: Higher Education:

18 Industry Awards 2001 Best Practices Award-AIIM International 2001 Best of AIIM-Transform Magazine 2000 Process Innovation Award for Manufacturing-Kinetic Information 2000 Best Positioned for EDMS, e-business Integration- Doculabs 1999 Content Management Portals Product of the Year- Imaging and Document Solutions Magazine 1999 Process Innovation Award for Education-Kinetic Information 1999 Best Integrated Electronic Document Management Solutions-Doculabs 1998 Benchmark Imaging and COLD-ERM Products- Doculabs 1997 Best of AIIM-Imaging Magazine 1996 Best COLD-ERM Product-Doculabs

19 Penn State University 15,000 Faculty/Staff, 80,000 students spread across 24 campus locations University Wide Implementation Up to 95% reduction in time. Much more time savings when including remote locations. $200,000/year in A/P alone. Employee Reimbursement reduced from 3-4 weeks down to 1-3 days. Auditors should bill less due to speed of retrieval of documents.

20 PSU-University Wide

21 Ohio State University 17,000 Faculty/Staff, 55,000 Students spread across 5 campuses ASP Environment Remote Scanning to centralized storage with Web Retrieval. Departments include Undergraduate Student Academic Services, Transportation/Facilities Planning, Office of Enrollment Services, and Ohio Super Computer

22 Questions???? Please ask us! If we don’t know, we will find out and get back to you!

23 Wrap up and Contact Information Project Wrap up Contact Info: Mary G. Hayes, Manager of Computing & Technology Vanderbilt University – Office of Accounting 615-343-6634 E-mail: Ian Llado, Senior Account Manager Optical Image Technology, Inc. 800-678-3241, ext. 236 E-mail: Copyright Mary Hayes (Vanderbilt University)/Ian Llado (Optical Image Technology, Inc.), 2002. This work is the intellectual property of these authors. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the authors. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the authors.

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