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Web Application Management Moving Beyond CMS Douglas Clark Director, Web Applications Copyright Douglas Clark 2003 This work is the intellectual property.

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1 Web Application Management Moving Beyond CMS Douglas Clark Director, Web Applications Copyright Douglas Clark 2003 This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

2 Overview About Butler Discovery Defined Needs CMS Options CMS Assessment Trends in Content Management Our Solution Butler’s Application Management System Solution Implemented Technical Advantages Business Advantages Future Challenges

3 Butler University Private, liberal arts, Indianapolis 5 undergraduate & 4 graduate degrees 5,000 students; undergrad & grads 1,000 faculty & staff, full & part-time “Sweet 16” baby! Web Applications Became department in October 2001 Housed in Information Resources 2 full-time, 1 part-time, 2 students, 1 vacant Microsoft IIS 5, ASP 3, SQL 2000 PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.4 About Butler

4 Douglas Clark Background in public relations Six years in web development Third custom CMS architected Technical focus: user interactions and maximizing resources Professional focus: relationship-building and collaboration About Butler

5 Discovery Gathered opinions and needs by meeting one-on- one with campus leaders Conducted comprehensive site audit Reviewed institutional mission, business goals and future initiatives Assessed web department: business practices, skills, long-term objectives Examined trends in the industry

6 Defined Needs Better management of web content Simple page creation tool for novice managers Track out-of-date content Insert workflow processes for key content areas Allow sharing of content between departments Allow content to be used in multiple web sites Centralized web applications Develop apps for common functions/data needs Connect apps to university ERP systems Same core functionality across web sites Personalize app features by department Allow content managers to select apps in CMS

7 Defined Needs Template-based web pages Control common elements—navigation, logos Unique designs by web site or directory Web Department Become application providers, not page creators Implement version control on web applications Coding standards for contracted developers Rapid development, rapid deployment

8 CMS Options Enterprise ($200K +) Documentum* Interwoven* Vignette* Upper-tier ($100K +) Stellent Microsoft** FileNET Gauss Mid-tier ($50K +) RedDot Low-priced ($1-10K) Ektron Service Provider: Atomz, iUpload Open Source: Zope, Midgard, OpenCMS *Identified by Gartner as Leader; **Identified by Gartner as Challenger

9 CMS Assessment BIG $$ for quality system Extra costs for training and licensing Fewer open source options for MS platform Geared primarily for content, not web apps Pre-built apps, not always tailored for needs

10 Trends in Content Management “The management of content destined for a Web site and the code supporting applications integrated into the Web site are beginning to merge.” Gartner Research 1/28/2002; TU-14-5701: “Web Content and Web Code Begin to Converge”

11 Our Solution

12 Butler’s Application Management System Everything is a web application Database-driven web content Template separate from content Apps are “plugged” into system through DB 3-tiered design: ASP 3, COM (.wsc) and SQL Coding standard/convention for application development

13 http://website/directory(/...)/index.asp?pg=(#)& action=(app function) website: multiple sites can be managed in system directory: set by website, many layers deep index.asp: single file compiling code and design pg: reserved word for CMS pages action: reserved word for application functions Butler’s Application Management System


15 Code sample, index.asp <% set com = Server.CreateObject(“WebSiteCompiler.wsc") com.WebSite = WebSite com.Directory = Directory com.UserName = session("UserName") com.Page = Page com.ReferURL = ReferURL com.AppFunction = Action com.AppFormTags = formTags com.AppFormValues = formValues WebSiteMenu = com.WebSiteMenu() DirectoryMenu = com.DirectoryMenu() DirectoryDropDown = com.DirectoryDropDown() PageMenu = com.PageMenu() PageContent = com.PageContent() BuildPage = com.BuildPage() set com = nothing%>

16 Butler’s Application Management System Code Sample, Compiler Component – Page Content Function strPath = Server.MapPath("/components/"&objComponent) set com = GetObject("script:" &strPath&"") com.WebSite = WebSite com.Directory = Directory com.UserName = UserName com.Page = Page com.ReferURL = ReferURL com.AppJavascript = comJS com.DbProvider = DbProvider com.DbServer = comDbServer com.DbPrefix = comDbPrefix com.DbSuffix = comDbSuffix com.DbUser = comDbUser com.DbPass = comDbPass Execute("com_Return = com." & comFunction & "("&passParam&")") set com = nothing

17 Solution Implemented

18 Two different sections…

19 …can use the same application.

20 Technical Advantages Easy distribution of apps to web pages within the CMS Apps tailored for various uses through object- oriented programming Apps easily used by non-CMS web pages Manage use of apps among web sites within the CMS framework Apps can use different databases

21 Business Advantages Channel data to and from a central location Build solutions that benefit many Up-to-date site with less maintenance More interactive/interaction-based web sites

22 Future Challenges Developing administrative interface Implementing version-control on apps Maintaining information architecture integrity Ensuring quality page designs Handling increased demand Upgrading system to.NET

23 Questions Douglas Clark

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