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Copyright Policy Copyright Cathy O’Bryan 2003. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared.

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2 Copyright Policy Copyright Cathy O’Bryan This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

3 A Partnership Between Coordinating Committee for Professional Development and Training Office of Human Resource Development Office of Quality Improvement DoIT eBusiness Group DoIT Professional & Technical Education

4 My Professional Development On-Line Support for Professional Development for Faculty and Staff at UW-Madison

5 Why this Project? Professional development of faculty and staff is a priority in the campus strategic plan Why a Professional Development Opportunity Repository?

6 A variety of courses and workshops are offered across campus, but there is no systematic way to learn of these opportunities Why this Project?

7 Campus support for E- learning had focused on timetable courses rather than faculty/staff professional growth And… Why this Project? Why Fund Flagship E-learning Conversion Projects?

8 The University’s fiscal situation requires that professional development be provided as cost-effectively as possible Why this Project? Why Fund Flagship E-learning Conversion Projects?

9 Provide Just- In-Time access at any time from anywhere Why this Project? Why Fund Flagship E-learning Conversion Projects?

10 Our Three Goals Goal 1 Increase faculty and staff access to professional development opportunities by creating a convenient central access point

11 Goal 2 Link this resource to My UW-Madison faculty- staff web portal Our Three Goals

12 Goal 3 Stimulate on-line professional development, especially converting one-time training to just-in-time resources available 24 x 7 where appropriate Our Three Goals

13 GOAL 1: How did we “Increase faculty and staff access to professional development opportunities….”? Centralized Repository for Locating Campus Training Opportunities Consistent Application of Meta-Data to All Training Opportunities

14 Meta-Data Audience Job Role Department Mode of Delivery Etc.

15 Training Topics


17 Application Roles End User (Pull and Push!) Anonymous Browsing & Searching Stored Profiles

18 Application Roles Training Offices College of Engineering Dept of Professional Development & Applied Studies Dept. of Liberal Studies & the Arts DoIT Learning Technology and Distance Education DoIT Professional and Technical Education Employee Assistance Office Equity Diversity Resource Center Facilities Planning and Management Human Resource Development ISIS Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility Medical Education Medical School Administration Office of Education Outreach Office of Quality Improvement Provost’s Office Secretary of the Faculty Small Business Development Center UW Archives & Records Management UW Housing UW Police Department WISCAPE Program Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program Wisconsin Union Wisconsin Union Mini Courses

19 Application Roles System Administrator (Office of Human Resource Development) Meta-Data Management Data Review

20 GOAL 2: How we will “Link this resource eventually to My UW Madison portal”? Approval sought and obtained for My Professional Development to reside faculty/staff resources tab in My UW Madison portal. In the process of linking “My Professional Development” database with My UW Madison portal


22 GOAL 3: How did we “stimulate on-line professional development”? Funded 3 pilot projects converting one-time workshops or courses to web-based resources that can be accessed at any time Created templates that anyone can use to adapt information for web-based learning Trained a team of students to provide online support for development to campus using a cost effective model

23 Content Expert: Kathleen Paris and OQI staff Provided advice, best practices, examples, tools, forms and formats for hiring faculty, classified and academic staff. Included resources from the Provost and WISELI (Women in Science & Engineering) to encourage more comprehensive searches. Instructional Design & technical assistance on multi- media DoIT Professional and Technical Ed. On Line Resource Project 1: The Hiring Process

24 Hiring Site Link to whole site

25 On Line Resource Project 2: Occupational Safety Content Experts: UW Union Student Trainers Chemical and Physical Hazards How to prevent accidents. What to do in the event of an accident. Incorporated WebCT, flash animations, interactive questions and video Synergized with Student Technical Training to reduce development costs

26 Union Course in Action

27 Content Expert: Virginia Sapiro, Associate Vice Chancellor Developing a mini-portal as an offshoot of My Professional Development for faculty on Teaching and Learning online resources On Line Resource Project 3: Improving Access for Faculty & Instructional Staff to Professional Development Resources That Are Online

28 Measures of Success On-going satisfaction survey of users of the 3 pilot modules (“How did this make you more successful in your work?”) On-going CCPD&T discussions of training event enrollments to measure the impact of My Prof. Development

29 This system did not seek to replace face-to-face learning events, but to extend their impact

30 Students in DoIT’s Student Technical Training program will continue to assist faculty and staff to convert paper information and training materials into web-based ready-when-you-need-it resources

31 $$ Budget $$ 1. Searchable and personalized site for professional development (My Prof. Dev.) 2. Three pilot grants for on- line professional development and support ($6K each) $7, ,000 Grand Total: $25,000.

32 The Future of “My Professional Development” MY UW Madison portal Provide access to state agencies Tie participant records to OHRD’s repository

33 Questions? Thank you!

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