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A Successful Help Desk Process for all IT Support

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1 A Successful Help Desk Process for all IT Support
Vicky Gerik, Director of Distributive Systems and Services Melinda Sanson, Training and Support Specialist Copyright Vicky Gerik, ITS Director of Baylor University and Melinda Sanson, Training and Support Specialist, Baylor University. This work is the intellectual property of the authors. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

2 Successful first tier elements
Skilled and sufficiently staffed Help Desk Help Desk services available when needed Feature-rich phone system Central source for call ticket information – HEAT System

3 Must-Have Features Client Self-service with accurate solutions
Fast and reliable Status tracking Customer Feedback

4 Must-Have Features Service provider Identify task by service group
Customized workflow Automated notification Quick access to all pertinent client information Secure remote access Easy to reassign, track and escalate

5 Must-Have Features Supervisor, Manager and CIO
Automated escalation and alert notification Easy access to status information and reports Efficient and enhanced communication Organization to the service delivery Increase in service delivery without additional staff


7 Human Resources Interface
Building Blocks Project Manager WebCenter LanDesk Interface BPAM Call Flow Policy iHeat Web Access Human Resources Interface

8 Call Flow Procedure

9 Groups Using HEAT Hardware Technicians Networking Systems
Distributed Systems & Services Applications Support Staff Information Systems & Services Internet Services 21st Century Library Hankamer School of Business After hours support staff

10 Call Log Screen Client contact information. Client configuration information. Call description Call classification area. Knowledge base search.

11 Assignment Screen Track who is assigned the issue.
Date and Time stamped. Comment area to keep notes on what’s been done to solve the problem. Multiple Assignments can be made

12 Journal Screen Keep notes regarding call.
Canned text entries can be set up for fast data entry. First Tier Support can see what other technicians have done and give caller an update on status

13 Confirmations BPAM module – create business rules for escalations of tickets Notify customer that ticket has been received Notify customer when ticket is resolved Have customer fill out Customer Satisfaction Survey Notify supervisor if ticket hasn’t been closed in X amount of time

14 Confirmations

15 Confirmations

16 Confirmations




20 Detail Screens - Other

21 Alert Monitor

22 Webcenter

23 Heat Supports 17,000 faculty, staff and students
170 technicians (including student workers) 22 different call types

24 Costs Consulting: $36,500 Additional funding needed for: Webcenter
Heat Plus Knowledge Module Additional Licenses

25 Hardware Requirements
Dell 6450 – Primary Software Application and WebCenter Dell 1650 – BPAM Dell 1650 – iHeat server and Heat Plus Knowledge and Heat Self Service Applications Data resides on a separate shared SQL database server

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