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By: Jonathan Mendoza & Eduardo Arciga Block: D. Background Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States and therefore its has a big population.

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1 By: Jonathan Mendoza & Eduardo Arciga Block: D

2 Background Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States and therefore its has a big population Due to its big population, Los Angeles is also one of the most polluted cities in the nation. While millions out in the road driving, tons of carbon dioxide is sent into the atmosphere. (One of the leading factors of global warming) One solution environmental experts are recommending to ride the transportation around the city.




6 How is Metro helping Los Angeless environment? Metro is helping Los Angeless environment by developing green- base projects that help people get around. Environmental is focused on reuse/recycle activities at Metro. All Metro buses are running on natural gas fuels. Retired last diesel bus was 1/12/11, making Metro the first major transit system in the nation to use buses that all run on natural gas fuels. Projects today are now being built on environmental friendly bases.

7 30/10 Initiative will help reduce emissions throughout the county I-405 Sepulveda Pass Metro Orange Line Extension Gold Line Foothill Extension I-710 Corridor Project Regional Connector Transit Corridor

8 Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

9 Metro System The Metro System consists of: Metro Blue Line Los Angeles-Long Beach Metro Red/Purple Lines Los Angeles Union Station-North Hollywood/ Wilshire/Western Metro Green Line Norwalk-Redondo Beach Metro Gold Line East los Angeles-Pasadena Metro Orange Line North Hollywood-Warner Center Metro Silver Line Artesia Transit Center (Gardena)-El Monte


11 Background of the Dash Offers clean air alternatives with new compressed natural gas and propane powered buses. Provides a safe and optional mobility of people and goods throughout Los Angeles Plans to improve safety and specific bus lines.


13 Metrolink Trains In 1991, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties formed the Southern California Regional Rail Authority to develop Metrolink, a regional commuter train system. Today, Metrolink trains serve 55 stations in Southern California, carrying thousands of long-distance commuters to the centers of employments such as Burbank, Glendale, Irvine and Downtown Los Angeles. Trains are also popular with groups to recreational destinations throughout the region.

14 Metrolink System The Metrolink consists of the following lines: Antelope Valley Line Los Angeles-Lancaster Ventura County Line Los Angeles-Oxnard/Montalvo Riverside Line Los Angeles-Riverside 91 Line Los Angeles-Riverside (Via Fullerton) Inland Empire-Orange County Line Oceanside-San Bernardino Orange County Line Los Angeles-Oceanside San Bernardino Line Los Angeles-San Bernardino

15 What benefits can the transportation system offer to people?

16 Metro Benefits Low Fairs: Base Fair: $1.50 Weekly Pass: $20.00 Day Pass: $6.00 Monthly Pass:$75.00 Silver Line: $2.45 Student Monthly Pass: $24.00 *Money-Saving Tips: You will start to save money right away if you buy a: Day Pass ($6) after 4 boardings per day Weekly Pass ($20) after 13 boardings per week Monthly Pass ($75) after 50 boardings per month

17 Metrolink Benefits Metrolink offers low fairs to long-distance distance destinations. Fair varies from the distance of the destination * See: for more info For Example Los Angeles-Oceanside/ Los Angeles-Lancaster One-way: $14.50/$12.50 Driving Cost (Not including parking cost) (AAA): $44.90/$38.95 Distance: 83 Miles/72Miles

18 Dash Benefits Low fares Entrance fee = 35 cents Buses run on natural gas Offers a variety of destinations Provides a safe and optimal commute

19 What Destinations does the transportation system offer?

20 Metro Destinations Metro has over 200 lines serving destinations all over Los Angeles County Some destinations include: Santa Monica Hollywood Beverly Hills San Fernando Valley Los Angeles Long Beach Universal Studios/City Walk And lots more…………

21 Metrolink Destinations Some Metro Destinations include: Oceanside Anaheim (Angle Stadium/Honda Center) Downtown Los Angeles Burbank (Bob Hope Airport) San Bernardino Riverside

22 Dash Destinations Griffin Observatory Chinatown Huntington Park San Fernando Valley Los Angeles South Los Angeles And many more….

23 Dodger Stadium Express The Dodger Stadium Express offers bus service from Union Station to the Stadium for all home games. Instead of paying for parking at the stadium, use your game ticket to ride the express for free. Enjoy the game without harming the environment By using Metros Dodger Stadium Express, youre helping to bring cleaner air to our community by reducing traffic throughout the highly congested Los Angeles area. Fewer vehicles on the road means fewer emissions polluting the air, and a better quality of life for all.

24 We are bias towards the transportation system because we both have experienced life in the transportation and have been to the top destinations. The ride was not complicated and it was fun at the same time. We benefited from it and we were doing something good for the environment Our Bias

25 The Good And the Bad Of Transportation In Los Angeles (The Peoples Perspective)

26 The Good...

27 Why do people choose the transportation system Offers a variety of destinations Low fairs and affordable Gas prices are over $4.00 a gallon and it is cheaper to go Metro than driving to work Offers services to team games and events. Staples Center, Nokia Theater, Kodak Theater, Los Angeles Convention Center


29 The Wrecks Many people in Los Angeles think that the transportation system is dangerous. The Metro Blue line has been involved in many wrecks.

30 Jonathans 2009 Incident August 6 th, 2009, I was threatened by a person No security around All alone at the station (Wilshire/Vermont)

31 The 2008 Chatsworth Accident In September 14 th,2008, a Metrolink train (111) heading to Moorpark had a head on collision with a freight train Metrolink train conductor ran a red light while texting 25 people died and several others injured

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