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Riverside Community College District Free Bus Ride Program.

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1 Riverside Community College District Free Bus Ride Program

2 Demonstration Project August 21, 2008 – August 22, 2009 This one year demonstration project is a reality for RCCD thanks to the funding provided by the cities of Corona, Moreno Valley, Norco, Perris, Riverside and the County of Riverside.

3 Goals of the Program Demonstrate to state legislators the interest in and benefits of this type of program so they will pass legislation allowing easier creation of such programs at community colleges statewide

4 Your College Card Is Your Bus Pass

5 When & Where You Can Use Your Pass Go to school, work, visit friends, shopping, the movies – anywhere RTA goes Unlimited free rides 7 days a week during all hours of operation until August 22, 2009

6 Assumption: The average full time student takes classes four days per week. The Federal Mileage Rate of $.585 per mile is an accurate reflection of the cost of operating a vehicle which includes gasoline, depreciation and maintenance. Parking Permit =$40/semester ($0.55/day) The Economics of Driving to Riverside Community College

7 Daily cost for a student who lives 10 miles from their home campus: $.585 per mile X 20 miles + $0.55 parking = $12.25 per day* (or $196.00* per month). *Car insurance is not included Driving vs. Bus Bus daily cost Free Bus monthly cost Free Driving daily cost $12.25 Driving monthly cost $196.00 The Economics of Driving to School

8 About RTA Service Area: 2,500 square-miles, the second largest in the nation 39 fixed route services 7 commuter routes

9 RTA’s Fleet 113 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses 75 Dial-A-Ride Vehicles 71 Fixed-Route Buses 10 CNG Trolleys

10 Transportation Options Fixed Route A bus that travels along a designated route making designated stops at specific times throughout the day CommuterLink An express bus that offers rapid service with limited stops including service to Metrolink stations

11 Fixed RouteBus & Trolley CommuterLink

12 Helping You Ride


14 Riverside Routes 1, 12, 13, 15 and 50 Moreno Valley Routes 18, 18A, 19, 20 and 41 Norco Routes 3 and 38 Routes Serving RCCD Campuses

15 Customer Information Center Open: 6 am – 10 pm Weekdays 8 am – 9:30 pm Weekends 1-800-800-7821

16 Fixed Route Fares Per BoardingDay Pass 31-Day Pass General $1.25$3.75$43.00 Disabled $.60$1.85$21.00 RCCD Students FREE FREE






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