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DURHAM RIDESHARE Save Money…Save Time Take Back Your Morning.

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1 DURHAM RIDESHARE Save Money…Save Time Take Back Your Morning

2 What Is Durham RideShare? RideShare provides an alternative to commuting by bus. It allows you to take the train saving time and money. It allows YOU to schedule YOUR morning.

3 How Does RideShare Work? Our van picks you up at a central location within your development. Depending on the number of riders, more than one pick up time may be scheduled. The van takes you to the Matawan train station in the morning and returns you home from the station in the evening. Each rider is provided a schedule. You Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Ride.

4 How Do I Join RideShare? Call Durhams office at 732-577-1000 and tell them you want to join the program. An application will be mailed to you. Once we receive the completed application and the first months payment, a monthly pass will be issued and sent to you. Payment can be made via credit card, check or money order. The rider is then added to the roster and subject to Durhams guidelines for participating in the program.

5 What Are The Benefits of RideShare? Save Time – RideShare will provide on average an extra half hour in the morning and evening by cutting a 90 minute commute by bus to approximately 60-70 minutes by train. Save Money – RideShare eliminates the need to pay for daily parking and saves gas by allowing you to leave your car at home. Save Your Morning – What could you do with an extra half hour each morning? See the kids off to school? Workout? or Just sit quietly and organize your thoughts for the day over your morning coffee. The Answer is RideShare. Ditch the bus….take the train.

6 Frequently Asked Questions Will I actually save money? – Average taxi fare to the train station is $29 one way from the Freehold area. – Ridesharing could actually help lower insurance rates. Check with your insurance company. – Ridesharing could prove tax-friendly. Check the IRS website for tax deductions for commuters. Also, your employer may offer a pre-tax payroll deduction. How are fares collected? – Fares are paid for the month on the first day of the month. For example, Septembers fare would be due by September 1.

7 Frequently Asked Questions Does the fare have to be paid in full? – Yes, fares are paid for the month in full. I forgot to pay my fare, can I pay the driver? – No. Drivers are not allowed to accept payments. Call the Office and if you pay by credit card we will charge the card we have on file. If you pay by check, call the Office and make arrangements to bring the check in later in the day. Our Office is open Monday-Friday until 6:00 p.m.

8 Frequently Asked Questions I cant make it into the office by 6:00. What should I do? – Call the Office and you can fax us a copy of the check and then mail us the original. Our address is: 113 Crow Hill Road, Freehold, NJ 07728. I have a friend who doesnt live in my development, can they join? – Yes. They would have to make arrangements to meet the van at the designated pick up location, pay the fare and meet all the other requirements.

9 Frequently Asked Questions Im interested in Private Ride Service. What do you offer? – Private van service to and from NYC, Newark, Jersey City or other destinations is available for groups with a minimum of 6 (six) riders. Pricing is based on destination and length of travel. Call our Office at 732-577-1000 for details. Who does the driving? – Our drivers are highly trained and experienced in group transportation. One of the benefits of the program is that your commute is more enjoyable. You just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

10 Frequently Asked Questions Should I tip the driver? – Our drivers are paid by the hour, therefore, a gratuity is not added into the monthly fare. If you wish to give the driver a tip you may do so in cash. What If I Work Late or Have An Emergency? – Our last pick up from the train station in the evening is at 6:30. After that time, you would need to arrange for transportation.

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