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EA Testing Instructions By Ross Todd. Open C Drive.

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1 EA Testing Instructions By Ross Todd

2 Open C Drive

3 Open Program Files Folder

4 Create a New Folder

5 Name it Accordingly

6 Install Platform into New Folder. Rename the new Platform shortcut that appears on the desktop accordingly.

7 OR You can simply copy another Platforms Folder and paste it into the Program Folder. If you do it this way create a shortcut for the new Platform > name it accordingly > move it to the desktop.

8 After you start the EA check allow live trading then go to inputs tab after you set up the desired perimeters > save settings

9 Name the set

10 Open the new platforms folder and find the experts folder

11 Open the presets folder

12 Right click the.set file

13 Open with excel and save as an excel file. Here you can see the settings for this EA

14 Next we save the History. Select the Account History Tab. Select All History

15 Save as Detailed History

16 Save to Desktop

17 I Keep this file on my desktop and just replace it every time I make a new history file.

18 Right click icon

19 Open with Excel

20 Find Graph and Cut it

21 Scroll to bottom of SS select 1 empty cell at the bottom.

22 Select Paste Special and save as a GIF

23 Select All

24 Copy

25 Insert a New Worksheet into the first SS you created from the.set file and paste this into it.

26 Select Column Headers

27 Select AutoFilter

28 You can then sort columns by pair if the EA is running on different pairs – you can see which pair that EA works best on…

29 The Beginning…..

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