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T Suffix -edSuperlatives End in –f with plural ending added T.

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2 T

3 Suffix -edSuperlatives End in –f with plural ending added T

4 Names of colorshomographs Long vowels T

5 TH

6 Converting a text box into an image in PowerPoint 2007 Create your text box and then cut or copy it. Go to the Home menu and click the dropdown arrow under Paste Click Paste Special. In the dialogue box that comes up, select Picture (Windows Metafile) Click OK and your text box should appear as an image. This means that you won't be able to edit the text, but you can apply the macro to it so you can move it around the screen, enlarge it etc.

7 Adding an Action Button in PowerPoint 2007 To move to the next slide with an Action Button click the Insert menu and Shapes Scroll down to the Action Buttons and select the Action Button which points right. Hold down the left click and drag the Action Button shape as large as need be. Let go of the left click. A dialogue box should come up. In the dropdown menu Hyperlink to, select Next slide. Run the slideshow and click the Action Button to go to the next slide.

8 Open The Magic PowerPoint (Click Options and Enable this content On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide, and then click Reuse Slides. Click Browse and Browse File Select your presentation and click Open Tick Keep Source Formatting Right click the slide and click Insert Slide or Insert All Slides Click Slide Sorter icon (bottom right) Delete all the Magic PowerPoint slides except this one. Click save as and rename your PowerPoint Instructions for PowerPoint 2007

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