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Important Women of the World Mrs. Zanoni’s 3rd Grade Library Class Presents:

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2 Important Women of the World Mrs. Zanoni’s 3rd Grade Library Class Presents:

3 Aung San Suu Kyi 1945 - Aung San Suu Kyi won a Nobel Peace Prize for non violent efforts to bring democracy to Myanmar. She cofounded a pro-democracy group. It was hard for her because the government tried to hold her back and they punished her. She lived under house arrest for many years. Pro-Democracy Nobel Peace Prize Suffered house arrest By: Cory, Reese, and Justin Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

4 Billie Jean King 1943 - King won 39 grand slams in women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. King influenced women’s sports to other women and she did that because she wanted to show men’s sports that there could be women’s sports too. It was hard for King because men didn’t like her playing tennis so she ignored them. Athletic Determined Courageous By: Melanni & Spencer Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

5 Dolores Huerta 1930 - She is famous because she worked for the rights of farm workers. Her accomplishment helped farm workers, women and the poor to have equal rights and better working conditions. One of her problems was that the companies didn’t like what she was doing. Civil Rights United Farm Workers Activist By: Alexis & Taylor Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

6 Dorothea Lange 1895 - 1965 She was a famous photographer. She took photographs of poor people and where they were living to show how poor they were and that made people help them. Photographer Great Depression Farmworkers By: Ava & Christina

7 Elizabeth Blackwell 1821 - 1910. Elizabeth was the first women in the United States to get a Medical degree. Elizabeth helped break prejudice against women in medicine and she opened her own hospital that served the poor and was staffed entirely by women. It was hard to get into medical school and male doctors ignored her. Determined Brave Caring By: Fernanda & Victoria

8 Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf 1938 - She is so important because she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. Also she was elected president in Liberia in 2005. Also she was the first women elected for an African country. Johnson-Sirleaf accomplished giving women justice and rights. It made it hard for her to become president because everyone was judging her by her gender since she was the first women to become one. She also spent time in prison for opposing president Samuel Doe’s military government. Charles Taylor accused her of treason so she left the country. Determined Non-violent Strong willed By: Emily & William Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

9 Hillary Rodham Clinton 1947 - Hillary is famous because she has been an important political and government figure. She was First Lady, a senator, and Secretary of State, and ran for President. Hillary’s accomplishments helped people because she tried to give people low-cost help care and she worked at the Children’s Defense Fund to help children. First Lady Secretary of State Presidential Candidate By: Dorian and Janessa Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

10 Jane Addams 1860 - 1935 She won the Nobel Peace Prize. She founded the Hull House settlement house. Hull House offered day nurseries and language classes and other services for people in need. She was a social worker and worker for peace. She had to work very hard. Social worker Worker for peace Worked very hard By: Christopher & John-Paul

11 Mother Teresa 1910 - 1997 She received a Nobel Peace Prize by forming a religious order or a group of nuns. She helped poor people by forming a religious order. She brought food to poor people, started youth centers, hospitals, orphanages, and schools. She was poor, she helped the nuns, hospitals, orphanages, youth centers, and schools. Helpful Kind Important Saint By: Christina S. & Kahlif

12 Shirin Ebadi 1947 - Shirin Ebabi is famous because she was the first Iranian and Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She received the prize for her efforts to promote democracy and human rights in Iran and other countries. Her accomplishment helped people by making people aware of the problems in Iran. It was hard for her to do these things because the Iranian government had imprisoned her for speaking out against government restrictions. Determined Brave Fearless By: Yasmine Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

13 Susan B. Anthony First leader of the campaign of women rights. She helped women get the same rights as men. She got arrested Fought for women’s right to vote. Voting Women’s Rights By: Sam & Syhan

14 We hope you enjoyed our project! BY: Mrs. Zanoni’s 3rd Grade Class March 2013 We used World Book Encyclopedia in our Library to find out about these important, influential women.

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