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Important Women of the World Mrs. Vanderstreet’s 3rd Grade Library Class Presents:

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2 Important Women of the World Mrs. Vanderstreet’s 3rd Grade Library Class Presents:

3 Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1815 - 1902 Stanton helped women to vote. She was a leader. Elizabeth fought for women’s right. She also fought for against slavery. Finally, women were able to vote. Women were not allowed to vote until after she died even though she worked for 54 years to get women to vote. Votes for Women Equal Rights Courageous By: Geremy & Rhoda Johanna Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

4 Florence Nightingale 1820 - 1910 Florence Nightingale is famous because she was the founder of the nursing profession as we know it today. Florence Nightingale’s accomplishment helped women because her example helped them be able to pick what job they wanted. Also she saved many lives and changed how people take care of the sick. This was hard for Florence because at that time it was not proper for a young women to work in a hospital or study science. Lady with the Lamp Caring Courageous By: Brianna & Emily Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

5 Gertrude Belle Elion 1918 - 1999 Gertrude Belle Elion was an American scientist. She helped create important drugs to treat cancer, Malaria, and other deadly diseases. She studied how diseased cells grow differently then normal cells. Her discoveries made many people healthier. She had trouble finding work as a scientist in the 1930s.Many employers would not hire a woman scientist. Courage Never gave up Scientist By: Austin, Bailey & Janiecka Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

6 Leymah Gbowee 1972 - Leymah organized women from different backgrounds to form antiwar protests to end Liberia’s civil war. Leymah helped end the civil war by leading women to march for their rights. After high school Leymah planned to study medicine, but the outbreak of the civil war interrupted her education. Nobel Peace prize Women’s Rights Democracy By: Kendra & Tyler Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

7 Nancy Pelosi 1940 - Nancy Pelosi is famous for becoming the first women Speaker of the House which is one of the highest government offices in the country. Her accomplishment has helped people because she worked to improved human rights in China. Also she has inspired more women to get involved in politics and government. It was mostly men who did this job so it was very, very hard. Speaker of the house Political leader By: Ari & Maya Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

8 Nellie Bly 1864 - 1922 Bly was famous for her daring exposes. Bly was famous for being an American journalist The police and the people in charge of the mental hospital stopped doing as much bad stuff after she exposed them in her articles, so she didn’t have to go to jail anymore It was hard for her because she went to jail and a mental hospital to get her stories and got treated badly. Journalist Civil Rights Human Rights By: Jay & Ty Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

9 Rigoberta Menchu 1959 - She won the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize for her work to gain respect for the rights of Guatemala’s American Indians. This group sought rights for farm workers and land for peasants. She was poor and her parents and her brother were killed by the government. Fighting Peaceful brave By: Alivia & Giselle Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

10 Sarah Winnemucca 1844 - 1891 Sarah became famous for speaking out about the government’s poor treatment of the Native American Indian people. In the 1870s she spoke against the government for taking Paiute land and because the United States army attacked a Paiute settlement. It was hard to speak against the government which is big and powerful. Native American - Paiute Brave Smart By: Elijah & Ryan Insert Your Woman’s Picture Here

11 Wangari Maathai 1940 - 2011 She fought with words and speeches for environmental and women’s rights and democracy in Kenya and won the Nobel Peace Prize. She started a group called the Green Belt movement because lots of trees had been chopped down in Kenya. This group has planted millions of trees and helped women take a leadership role. She was arrested numerous times. Brave Creative Nobel Peace Prize for saving trees By: Allison & Simon

12 We hope you enjoyed our project! BY: Mrs. Vanderstreet’s 3rd Grade Class in Library March 2013 We used World Book Encyclopedia in our Library to find out about these important, influential women.

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