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adventure biography history thriller fantasy.

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3 adventure

4 biography

5 history

6 thriller

7 fantasy

8 Name ______________ Born __________ Nationality __________ Jobs__________________ Subject of books___________________ Philip Pullman 1946 English teacher & writer adventure stories

9 His Dark Materials

10 The Trilogy of His Dark Materials The Golden Compass > The Subtle Knife > The Amber Spyglass >

11 Author Hero Heroine Why do people love the novel? Type of the book Philip Pullman Will Lyra Its an exciting and philosophical novel. Fantasy

12 Discussing How do you know it is a fantasy story? The story takes place in several different worlds. A war that could destroy the universe. Witches, talking bears and other strange creatures.

13 Main Idea of the Passage The passage is about Will and a cat. The cat acts as Wills guide and goes to another world through the patch in the air. Will follows her and decides not to return to his world.


15 Part 1: (Para.1) Part 2: (Para.2 - Para.7) When and where the story happened What the cat did and how the cat vanished Part 3: (Para.8 - Para.12) Part 4: (Para.13 to Para.15) What Will found and how he entered another world What Will saw and how he felt after entering another world.

16 Will was very tired when he saw a cat. The cat comes up to Will. The cat behaves in a strange way. The cat vanished. Will saw a square patch. Will climbs through a hole. Will decides not to return to his world.

17 1.Will cant think clearly because ___. A.He was very frightened in the dark at night B.He was excited when he saw a cat. C.He was worn out. Into the text:

18 2. Why did the cat behave strangely? A. Because the cat put out a paw to pat something invisible in the air in front of her. B. Because the cat came up to Will when he held out his hand. C. Because the cat approached the patch of grass and then left back.

19 3. Which of the following is TRUE about the patch according to the text? A. Will had cut the patch out of air. B. The patch was almost square in shape and less than a meter across. C. From the most positions, the patch was completely visible.

20 4. According to the text, we can know that Moxie was ___________. A. the cat that vanished B. a friend of Will C. a tabby Will once fed D. a homeless cat

21 5. The phrase be laden with in the text means ___________. A. be burdened with B. be full of C. be covered with D. be responsible for


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