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The World of William Joyce Scrapbook Vocabulary Test.

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1 The World of William Joyce Scrapbook Vocabulary Test

2 Vocabulary 1. I have written a book, and my friend will be ______ it with watercolors. A. encouraged B. charcoal C. pastels D. illustrating

3 Vocabulary 2. In art class, we have been learning to paint in ______. A. pastels B. encourage C. illustrating D. offices

4 Vocabulary 3. In her speech, the astronaut thanked all the people who ______ her to follow her dream. A. charcoal B. illustrated C. encouraged D. patron

5 Vocabulary 4. This author has written a ______ of adventure books, and I have read them all. A. pastels B. series C. charcoal D. tangle

6 Vocabulary 5. The art teacher suggested that I use ______ for my black and white illustrations. A. series B. charcoal C. pastels D. encouraged

7 The World of William Joyce Scrapbook Comprehension Test

8 Comprehension 1. This selection is most like an ______. A. autobiography B. observation C. article D. interview

9 Comprehension 2. According to William Joyce, King Kong and Stuart are similar because they both are ______. A. loving characters B. very small creatures C. the wrong size D. very scary monsters

10 Comprehension 3. How did television affect William Joyce when he was a child? A. He sometimes got too excited. B. It often bored him. C. It got his imagination going. D. It scared him.

11 Comprehension 4. “I tried all different mediums - watercolors, oils, pencils, pastels.” In this selection, mediums refers to ______. A. the middle of something B. the size of something C. a kind of drawing paper D. various drawing materials

12 Comprehension 5. What does Joyce mean when he says, “In time I found my own style”? A. that his parents let him take art lessons B. that some of his teachers and librarians encouraged him C. that his art shows his individual personality D. that he wants to study the artwork of famous people

13 Comprehension 6. How does William Joyce feel about drawing things realistically? A. bored B. angry C. excited D. nervous

14 Comprehension 7. How long does it take William Joyce to make a book? A. a couple of years B. a couple of months C. varying amounts of time D. unknown

15 Comprehension 8. When Joyce paints with color, why does he only use four colors? A. He likes only four colors. B. They are the only colors he has. C. He can mix any color from those four. D. They are the most watery colors.

16 Comprehension 9. How do William Joyce’s children help him? A. He tries out his stories on them. B. They draw some of his sketches. C. He asks their opinions on his art. D. They give him ideas.

17 Comprehension 10. For William Joyce, what is the first stage in making a book? A. to draw sketches for the whole book B. to write what all the characters say C. to sketch and write each page, one by one D. to sketch and write several pages as a group

18 Comprehension 11. What is the first book for which William Joyce is both the author and the illustrator? A. George Shrinks B. Dinosaur Bob C. The Leaf Men D. Tammy and the Gigantic Fish

19 Comprehension 12. What is one thing William Joyce likes to draw? A. fish B. dinosaurs C. teddy bears D. clothes

20 Comprehension 13. Why did William Joyce write this selection? A. to explain how people should write B. to explain how he works and why C. to advertise his books D. to talk about his family

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