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Papa Tells Chita a Story

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1 Papa Tells Chita a Story
Name ______________________________ Papa Tells Chita a Story By Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard Illustrated by Floyd Cooper Prediction ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Author’s Purpose inform persuade entertain

2 Papa Tells Chita a Story
Focus Skills: To summarize important information in a text To read and understand a historical fiction selection To use adjectives correctly To recognize the author’s use of figurative language Genre Historical Fiction- a story that is set in the past and portrays people, places, and events that did or could have happened. Summary Chita loves to hear Papa’s story of his adventures during the Spanish-American War. How much of the story is true? Reading Strategy Reread to Clarify In this story, the author has both Papa and Chita tell parts of the story. This can confuse the reader who can lose the thread of the story. Rereading can help a good reader understand story events that they don’t understand at first.

3 Why did the colonel need someone to carry a message across the island?
Page 18 Why did the colonel need someone to carry a message across the island? Papa wanted to be brave, so he volunteered to go. What does this tell you about him? Page 20 Why did the horse refuse to enter the swamp? What has happened so far in the story? Page 22 real not real What events so far are real and which are not?

4 Why do you think Papa gets scared when it starts to get dark?
24 Why do you think Papa gets scared when it starts to get dark? Why is climbing the hill so difficult? What challenges has Papa faced since the swamp? Page 26 How do you know Chita thinks the story is exciting?

5 Story Map Why does the officer say Papa is extraordinarily brave?
Why does Chita say her Papa was the bravest soldier? Story Map Characters Setting Plot

6 Think and Respond Why does Chita love to hear Papa tell this story? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why does Papa sometimes ask Chita what comes next? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why did Papa run away when he saw the eagle with her claws outstretched? Do you think the events happened exactly as Papa said they did? Why or why not?

7 Use the graphic organizer to follow the following questions.
Why does Chita like her special time with Papa? What does Papa work as now? What war does Papa fight in? Why does Chita know so much about Papa’s story ahead of time? What is the setting of Papa’s story? What did the colonel not have enough of? What does Papa do to solve the colonel’s problem? What kind of soldier did Papa convince the colonel he was? What or who was Majestic? What special property does oilskin have? Where does Papa try to sleep at night in his story? What does the officer in charge do when papa finally arrives with his message? Why could this story be called a tall tale?

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