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Matching Data Needs with Assessment Tools and Services.

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1 Matching Data Needs with Assessment Tools and Services

2  PSS surveys pose questions that go beyond finding out if a respondent does a certain action or not, or agrees with a certain view or not.  PSS survey questions strive to determine: respondents’ perceptions respondents’ reasons and motivations for reported choices and behaviors

3  The many unique features of PSS surveys are attributable to our powerful custom software  These features simplify and expedite the assessment process, resulting in more comprehensive data, reports, and presentations

4  No raw data for clients to calculate  No data for clients to manually input  With only the client’s population size, PSS’s custom calculator helps determine sample size, within a given confidence interval and confidence level  Sophisticated and automatic data mining and cross-tabulation

5  Available for any size population, no minimum number required  Ideal solution for small communities and schools or larger populations alike  Surveys are tailored to gather specific data needs Reporting requirements and outcome measures for various funding streams, such as NCLB/Title IV, DFC, EUDL, and more

6  PSS’s QR 2 (question-routing squared) ©TM allows a custom route through the survey instrument with automated skipping of irrelevant questions  Respondents proceed at their own pace  Automatic language translation available on a per-question or whole-survey basis, as selected by the respondent

7  Uncomplicated and user-friendly, even for participants not accustomed to computers  Respondents move through survey more quickly than other format options  QR 2 ©TM question-routing means respondents aren’t forced to answer numerous “does not apply” questions

8 Primary Question Response Option A Response Option B Response Option C Response Option D Response Option E Follow-up Question YesNo ab PSS’s QR 2 question-routing © TM Follow-up Question None 8 or more 6-73-51-2 Follow-up Question abcdab

9  No waiting to receive survey forms  No paper surveys to collect and mail  Responses are automatically recorded and calculated  Final results and complete report are typically available within just 3 business days (for the Basic package)

10  Affordable – as low as $1.50 per participant  No minimum order size  No restocking fees for unused forms  Pay only for the number of subjects surveyed  Select and pay only for the desired level of detail in final reports

11  Clients select questions for inclusion in their assessment tool  Clients may add their own questions for assessment  Unlimited data correlation possibilities  Tailored reports with detailed narrative, data tables, and illustrative graphs

12  Late-arrival participants begin without missing any questions  Absent participants can easily make up  Participants may pause survey and return later to complete

13  Randomly-assigned ID for each respondent  Respondents do not provide names or other identifying factors such as student ID or Social Security numbers  Anonymity assured – no names or other unsolicited comments can be entered  No way to identify individuals’ responses  Results released only to the client

14  Respondents select own ‘tag name’ to use for survey log-in  Survey language is youth-friendly  Screen backgrounds colors frequently change as topics progress to keep respondents focused  Numerous opportunities for respondents to provide their opinions and perceptions

15  Each client receives: Executive summary report Data tables with totals by number and percent Full narrative report with charts, graphs, tables illustrations Basic Presentation package PowerPoint ® slides  Select additional data correlations for supplementary reports  Multi-year trend data reports available

16  Results from each client’s survey project will be stored indefinitely in our secure server  Multi-year trend data reports available for returning clients  Additional reports may be requested at any time after a survey project is completed

17  Secure stored data of client survey history allows for tracking trends from one survey year to the next  Client’s stored data allows for data mining and additional report requests in the future  Custom multi-year and trend data reports available

18  Simple to make survey instrument updates  No lengthy review process when data needed for a particular topic is identified

19 Prevention Survey Systems, Inc. Phone: 1.800.595.1561 Email: Website:

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