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Qwizdoms Rapid Learning Environment (RLE) helps accelerate and improve learning through the use of interactive software, instant feedback, and Click Play.

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1 Qwizdoms Rapid Learning Environment (RLE) helps accelerate and improve learning through the use of interactive software, instant feedback, and Click Play simplicity.

2 Work smarter. Qwizdom RLE helps you: Work without data and be in the dark Engage everyone and know what they know

3 Save time & money. Qwizdom RLE helps you: Save time More paperwork Low return on training No paperwork High return on training

4 Keep it simple. Qwizdom RLE helps you: Hours of extra work Click Play simplicity

5 Work smarter and improve learning Create a Rapid Learning Environment. Instant feedback and remediation: Avoids confusion & practicing mistakes Allows you to focus on individual needs Saves time & improves learning Receive Instant Feedback Save Time Achieve goals faster Accelerate learning with instant feedback through award-winning solutions & enhanced interactions.

6 Work smarter and improve learning Get instant data and detailed reports. Auto-generate individual or group reports for performance summary, item analysis, and more Auto-upload results to an online assessment / reporting system Export data to csv or other 3 rd party applications

7 Solution works with almost any Web-enabled device. Work smarter and improve learning Use anywhere, anytime, and with any device.

8 Work smarter and improve learning Receive private data and control from anywhere in the room. Control presentations or annotate from anywhere in the room View data privately so you can guide participants to understanding, instead of simply showing all responses publicly Pose spontaneous questions, view private help requests, & more

9 Use existing materials in minutes Create fully interactive PowerPoint presentations.

10 Use existing materials in minutes Instantly grade self-paced (paper-based) activities. Quickly create answer-keys for surveys or instant assessment using any paper-based activity. Monitor progress even when individuals work at their own pace and on different activities or documents

11 Use existing materials in seconds Game options for added motivation and healthy competition. Quickly turn any activity (with questions) into an interactive game Choose from multiple games for added motivation Use with or without participant input devices (ARS, tablet, phone, computer) Use with any materials (even PPT or paper-based)

12 Use existing materials instantly Integrate with existing applications and websites. Full screen with background Web browsers Transparently with any application, including MS Office

13 The next few slides show one way to create Rapid Learning. Any NeuroScience Experts? Topic: How We Learn Yes, this will be on the test!

14 Sample Lesson Use in front of large audiences, printed, or on Web-enabled devices. Activities can be used in the boardroom, conference halls, in 1:1 scenario in class, computer lab, at home, or in print form.

15 Sample Lesson Use materials in multiple formats to help reinforce learning. Obviously, were not suggesting how to train…but did want to point out that you need to repeat material in order for it to be remembered. Qwizdom games are a great way to cover the material a second time.

16 Sample Lesson Use Pick to create great discussions. Use the Pick function to call on a participant. For more discussion and critical thinking, pick a second participant to restate the first answer and agree/disagree or give a new viewpoint. Michael Johnson

17 Sample Lesson Instantly assess understanding. Pose questions to instantly assess understanding. View responses on the instructor device and guide students to understanding if necessary. Optionally show graph on screen.

18 Sample Lesson Instant remediation = better learning. Immediate feedback and instruction helps build confidence and clear up confusion at the moment when people are most receptive.

19 Sample Lesson Better learning = better performance. Work through step-by-step answer slides or reiterate key concepts right away...instead of finding out there is a problem days later and cycling back to try and reteach at that time.

20 Improve learning. Qwizdom RLE helps you: Studies show that learning improves when participants are fully engaged and provided instant feedback.

21 Proof that learning improves Get better learning & better results....the ability to monitor each individual technicians progress during class, our instructors are able to efficiently remediate many technicians that would have failed certification in our previous classes. Karl Irwin – Administrator, Service Training, Hyundai Adding Qwizdom to our rules training classrooms has been one of the greatest advances we have ever had in rules training. Being able to see what the classroom is thinking without causing embarrassment has raised the quality of training. Students arent worried about answering incorrectly, and give their honest guess to the remotes, which we can use to tailor our class. Geoffrey F. Birch – Manager of Operating Practices, Union Pacific Railroad

22 Summary Why create a Rapid Learning Environment? Accelerate & Improve Learning Increase Communication & Goal-Tracking Save Time & Money Receive Instant Data & Feedback Achieve Higher Results at Lower Costs

23 --- Thank you. ---

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