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Welcome to Third Grade!. A Little About Mrs. Miller… This is my ninth year to teach in the district. I am married to Jon and have 2 amazing kids, Drew.

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1 Welcome to Third Grade!

2 A Little About Mrs. Miller… This is my ninth year to teach in the district. I am married to Jon and have 2 amazing kids, Drew and Morgan. Drew will be a 12 th grader at Boswell and Morgan will be a 6th grader at Wayside. I grew up in this district and graduated in 1984 from good ole’ Bos!

3 BRYSON POLICIES You will need to present your driver’s license every time you enter the building. The front desk will keep your license until you exit the building. If you are picking up late, you will need to present your driver’s license along with a reason. The office has to fill out a form.

4 BRYSON POLICIES (Cont.) Birthday’s: We are unable to have birthday cupcakes, etc…. Although, Mrs. Miller will make sure they feel special on their birthday.

5 DROP OFF NO SUPERVISION BEFORE 7:10 A.M. See the map in your packet. Drop Off: K-2 (Front) 3-5 (North side by buses) The north side is not monitored. Make sure you let them off by the curb and not next to the buses If you have a combination of ages, you get to choose!

6 DROP OFF You must arrive by 7:20 in order to be served breakfast. Morning arrival change: For Safety and Security reasons, starting the 2 nd day of school, parents will need to drop off their children and allow them to go to the safe and secure location we have set up with Bryson supervision. Parents and visitors will not be allowed to enter the school and wait with their children in the cafeteria, gym or hallway.

7 PICK UP Must pick up student by 2:40 p.m. K-1: South side 2-5: Front Remember: No cell phones or tobacco products. Must park in a parking place. Only park in handicap if you have the sticker. Otherwise, it could be a $200 ticket.

8 CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION If your child is changing the way they go home, a note must be sent and signed by the parent. Only guardian signatures will be accepted. A step-parent signature will be accepted as long as they are a guardian. You may also come to the school in person.

9 TARDIES Arrive by 7:30 a.m. (Teachers start picking the classes up at this time.) School starts at 7:40 a.m. They need to be in the classroom by 7:40 so they are not counted tardy. Warning letters will be sent at 10 and 20 unexcused tardies. A court referral will be made after 30 tardies.

10 ABSENCES If you child is absent, please send me an e-mail or a note. If you call me and leave a voice mail, I will still need a note or e-mail in within 3 days in order for the absence to be excused. Official attendance letter will be mailed to the parent when their child has 3, 6, and 10 unexcused absences. Please note that if a student comes to school and leaves before 10, they will be counted absent. Attendance is taken at 10:00 a.m. each day.

11 CLASSROOM INTERRUPTIONS Please make sure your child has all items needed for their school day. The office will not be able to call the classroom to deliver items to the student.

12 EARLY DISMISSAL Please notify the teacher the day before if your child will have an early dismissal.

13 LUNCH INFORMATION There are no microwaves in the cafeteria. Only parents can bring a lunch to their child.

14 FERPA Please fill these out and return ASAP. Note: Some people get confused about the publication option. If you check NO for your student, they will not be in the yearbook or on the web site.

15 Homework Procedures There will be a weekly Reading Log, Fluency Passages, Multiplication Facts, and Spelling Words.

16 BEHAVIOR Behavior marks will be recorded on the behavior sheet on a regular basis.

17 SNACKS Your child is allowed to bring a healthy snack. They are also allowed to have a water bottle on their desk at all times.

18 Communication The easiest and fastest line of communication is email. My email address is If email is not convenient the school’s phone number is (817) 237-8306. I do not check my messages during the day except during my conference period. The class website is a good source of information. I will keep it updated constantly.

19 Grades To better keep up with your child’s grades look at Family Access located on our district’s website, There is a form in your packet with all of the information. Please fill it out and take it directly to the Administration building across the street. You can set specific triggers that will automatically send you an e-mail. This is a great tool! Please use it.

20 WEB SITE Bryson Elementary | Miller, Kim - 3rd Grade

21 Please turn in the following forms tonight. Turn in the following forms. 1. Welcome 2. Student Residency Questionnaire 3. Waiver 4. Website Permission Form 5. FERPA (2013 - 2014 Notice of Disclosure of Student Directory Information) 6. Field Trip Permission 7. PTA Fundraising 8. Health Services 9. Family Access (Only if you are starting a new account. If you have already signed up previously, it is still good.)

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