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Welcome to Mrs. Brauns’ Third Grade Class! Please be sure to sign-in on the sheet as you came in If you have any supplies, please put them in your child’s.

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Brauns’ Third Grade Class! Please be sure to sign-in on the sheet as you came in If you have any supplies, please put them in your child’s cubby Thank you for coming !

2 Handbook In your child’s Tuesday Folder, you will find my handbook. Please keep this throughout the year to refer to. There are other forms in the Tuesday Folder that will need to be returned as soon as possible.

3 Transportation Please make sure your child knows how they will be going home on the first day and week of school. If there are any changes in transportation, send a note with your child to school. It is their responsibility to turn the note in at the beginning of the day in the “Notes for the Teacher” basket. If transportation changes during the day, please let the office staff know.

4 Money When sending money with your child, please make sure it is in a bag or envelope. Please include student name, what the money is for, and lunch number (if necessary) It is your child’s responsibility to turn the money in at the beginning of the day in the “Money to be turned in basket”

5 Field Trips A Field Trip permission form for the year will be going home within the first few weeks of school. This form will cover every field trip for this school year. You can make one payment or pay in 2 installments We will be going to The Green Room on October 29 th to see Carolina Spook Tales We will be going to The Discovery Place in Charlotte on March 31 st There may be other county required field trips

6 Classroom Management We will follow the school wide behavior system: HOOT (High Expectations, Others Matter, Outstanding Respect, Think Safety) Success Celebrations will be slightly different this year, with 2 being off campus activities Criteria for Success Celebrations Students cannot have… U in conduct, any office/bus referrals, more than 1 unexcused absence, more than 3 tardies, more than 3 early dismissals (tardies/early dismissals will be excused with a doctor’s note)

7 Communication Your child will bring home their OWL Book every day Please check your child’s agenda daily Tuesday Folders will go home with graded assignments, information, and other important notices Email is the best way to communicate with me Check out my class webpage

8 Schedule Lunch time11:45-12:10 Block time12:40-1:20 Block scheduleDay 1- PEDay 2- Art Day 3- PEDay 4- Music Complete schedule will be sent home in OWL book within the first few weeks of school

9 Attendance Students may enter the classroom at 7:40. The tardy bell rings at 8:00. Please make every effort for your child to arrive on time and stay the entire day. If your child is absent, please send a note upon their return stating the reason they were out

10 Box Tops For every Box Top the school gets 10 cents Please take time to cut out Box Tops and send them to school

11 Birthdays School policy requires that any food brought in needs to be store bought only Please let me know ahead of time when you would like to bring in a birthday treat

12 Breakfast/Lunch Students may eat breakfast in the morning, free of charge Please make sure they arrive on time to get breakfast If you plan to eat lunch with your child, please wait by the lunchroom Your child is allowed to have a water bottle at their desk. Please make sure the bottle is spill proof.

13 Bullying Catawba County Schools has a zero tolerance policy to bullying Bullying is deliberate and repeated; not a one time thing We will be teaching character education units throughout the year

14 Grades Students will receive letter grades this year Graded work will be returned in the Tuesday Folder Some graded assignments will be sent home for you to review, sign, and return Encourage your child to do their best on every assignment!

15 Curriculum In Reading we will focus on reading fiction and nonfiction text, and answering critical-thinking and problem solving questions that require students to refer back to the text We teach students the S.T.A.R.S. strategy In Math we will focus on the 4 key areas: multiplication and division, fractions, rectangular arrays and area, and two dimensional shapes Read more about the Reading and Math standards

16 Assessments We will use the school wide reading assessment, MCLASS, 3 times a year We will use programs similar to ClassScape and School Net to practice EOG type questions Beginning of Grade test in Reading on September 9 INVIEW IQ test on October 22 End of Grade tests in Reading and Math on June 2-3

17 Homework Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Please check your child’s agenda for homework assignments. Math-practice sheet Reading- read for at least 15 minutes; complete reading log or comprehension sheet Projects will be assigned with ample time to complete them

18 Read to Achieve Read to Achieve requires all third grade students to be proficient in Reading by the end of the year There were many changes throughout the year! Students will have a portfolio, which is made of 3 comprehension passages for 12 Reading standards Information will come home as I receive it

19 Thank you for your support! Thank you for taking time to come tonight! Please remember to sign-in, if you haven’t yet Don’t forget to take home your child’s Tuesday Folder If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

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