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The A.I. Experience: Welcome to High School! 2012-2013.

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1 The A.I. Experience: Welcome to High School! 2012-2013

2 Administration O Principal:Mr. Palladinetti O Assistant Principals: Mr. StancellA-G Mr. CresciH-O Mrs. BondP-Z Dr. ManolakosAcademic Dean

3 Guidance Staff Mrs. SmithA-H (9 th grade) and all Special Needs students (9 th -12 th ) Mrs. FitzgeraldI-Z (9 th grade) Mr. JarrettA-Le (10 th – 12 th grade) Mrs. SantiagoLi-Z (10 th - 12 th grade) All ELL students (9 th - 12 th ) Mrs. MerrittGuidance Secretary

4 Support Staff Two full-time nurses: Mrs. Fioravanti and Mrs. OConnor Educational Diagnostician: Mrs. Szaroleta School Psychologist: Ms. Bozzo IST Facilitator: Mrs. DeLussey Librarian:Ms. Suzanne Smith

5 Important Resources for Students Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook O Code outlines district policies in many different areas O Students should be familiar with the information included in the Code O General school-wide policies will be outlined in the Handbook

6 Graduation Requirements: 24 credits minimum English:4 credits Social Studies:4 credits Math:4 credits Science:3 credits Foreign Language:2 credits (in same language) Phys Ed:1 credit Health:0.5 credits Career Pathway:3 credits (in same area)

7 Advisory Program O Every student at AIHS has an advisory group that will meet several times throughout the year. O Through the advisory program, students will get to know a small group of students in their grade and their advisor.

8 Promotion Policy from 9 th to 10 th grade In high school, a students grade level is determined by credits earned To move from 9 th to 10 th grade, a student must earn a minimum of 6 credits, including English 9, 1 social studies, and 1 math credit.

9 District Attendance Policy Regular school attendance is crucial for a students success in school. Any student missing over 25 days (both excused and unexcused absences) will not earn any credits for the year, unless instructional time is made up.

10 Levels of Study O AIHS offers courses at various levels of rigor which are indicated by course designations, including the following: O CP=College Prep O Hon=Honors O AP=Advanced Placement O Special Populations, such as special needs and ELL (English Language Learners) programs

11 Planning Ahead... In selecting courses, colleges want to see that students are challenging themselves in light of what our school offers. Colleges also want to see that students are being successful in their courses. Taking rigorous courses all throughout a students high school career truly helps to prepare him/her for the challenges of college work.

12 Student Success Plans (SSP) O This year, students across all grades will work on their SSP throughout the school year. O O Students will answer questions about their skills, experiences, and preferences about careers. The program allows students to explore and learn about a variety of careers, post-secondary education options, and much more.

13 SSPs O Students and parents can access an SSP from any location with internet access by using their personal login. O Many helpful resources are available on the site, including information on colleges and careers and a resume builder.

14 Supports for Students O Tutoring Program for after-school assistance O Library/Media Center O Hours available before and after-school O Students can conduct research, use computers, read, study, etc.

15 Get Involved... O Numerous clubs for students to join Athletics Academically-oriented clubs: Math League, Science Olympiad, National Honor Society School and Community Service: Student Council, Key Club, Class Boards Special Interest: Environmental Action Committee, Drama Club, Astronomy Club And many, many more!!

16 Communication between School and Families O Phone and e-mail contact O Home Access Center (online gradebook information for student and parent viewing) O Guidance Highlights monthly newsletter O School Website: O PTSA newsletters O E-mail Distribution Lists

17 Home Access Center O Each student and parent/guardian will receive a separate log-in and password. O Allows opportunity to view items, such as grades, attendance O Great way for students and parents to stay up- to-date on each class

18 Just remember... O We are all here to help! Parents and students should not hesitate to contact us with any questions. O And last but not least... You cannot hide that Tiger Pride!!

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