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Freshmen Transition Program Renea P. Coley, Professional School Counselor.

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1 Freshmen Transition Program Renea P. Coley, Professional School Counselor

2  Graduation Requirements & Diplomas  Promotion Requirements  Attendance Policy  What to expect as a freshman  Example of a 4 Year Plan  Responsibilities of a student

3  Advanced Studies Diploma- 24 credits  4 yrs of English  4 yrs of Math  4 yrs of History  4 yrs of Science  3 yrs of Foreign Language (or 2 yrs of 1 language and 2 yrs of another language)  2 yrs of PE  3 electives  9 SOL’s

4  Standard Diploma- 22 credits  4 yrs of English  3 yrs of Math  3 yrs of History  3 yrs of Science  2 yrs of PE  7 electives  6 SOL’s

5  Modified Standard  20 credits  Pass Math 8 & English 8 SOL’s  Special Diploma  Based on IEP criteria  *Requires eligibility determination  International Baccalaureate Diploma  Passing scores on external assessments  TOK and CAS hours  Extended essay  *Application process begins in 8 th grade

6 General Studies Associates Degree Program (PDCCC) Algebra I to be completed in 8 th grade Some classes are taught online and some are taken at PDCCC Student responsible for their own transportation PDCCC General Studies Associates Degree- 61 hours + 24 credits for Advanced Studies Community college classes are transferrable to 4 yr universities $ Costs For more information contact: Mrs. Charlene Jerlin, Guidance Director

7  To Pass to the 10 th Grade:  5 credits including English 9 and a math credit  Have one verified SOL ▪ Pass the class and the SOL ▪ 9 th Grade: Earth Science, World History I, Algebra I, Geometry

8  Mrs. Dickens- Attendance Specialist  If you are absent, place notes in the box by Mrs. Dickens’ door (inside of the Guidance Office)  Will receive an F for the 9 weeks after the 2 nd unexcused absence for that class  5 days to make up missing work from an excused absence  Note for early dismissal or late arrival- turn into the receptionist

9  Homework every night  Zero for missing assignments  Clubs, sports, and GPA requirements  End of the year transcript and GPA (all of your grades count)  Make a 4 Year Plan  Summer School costs money  Use Parent Connect to keep up with grades  You may be in a class that you do not like but is necessary for your diploma

10 Sample 4 Year Plan for the Advanced Studies Diploma Counselors will work with the students in creating a 4 Year Plan. The plan is updated each year. Honors and Advanced level classes are encouraged for academically strong students. These classes are demanding and require more effort on the part of the student. Most 4 Year Colleges and Universities look for the Advanced Studies Diploma. Students planning to attend a 4 Yr college are highly encouraged to pursue the Advanced Studies Diploma.

11  Come to school regularly  Pass all of your classes  Come to class prepared and on time  Use your agenda  Complete all of your assignments  Study for tests and quizzes  Stay after school for tutoring, if needed  Respect yourself, your peers, and your teachers (other adults in the building)  Turn in excuse notes as soon as possible

12  Guidance Counselors  Mrs. Eberwine A-D  Mrs. Coley E-L  Mr. Baxter M-S  Mrs. Jerlin T-Z  Secretary  Administration  Dr. Moore- Principal  Mr. Quattlebaum- Asst. Principal for 9 th grade  Mrs. Elke Boone- Asst. Principal for Special Education and IB  Mr. DeBerry Goodwin- Asst. Principal  Main Office: 757-923-5240


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