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Brien McMahon High School High School 101 The 9 th Grade Program.

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1 Brien McMahon High School High School 101 The 9 th Grade Program

2 9 th Grade Counselors Ms. Amaker (A – Hik), extension 11299 Ms. Leeds (Hil – Vel), extension 11317 Mr. Southerland (Vem – ZZZ & CGS In-District), extension 11307 Mr. Castelluzzo (CGS Out-of-District only), extension 11297

3 Guidance Services Developmental Guidance Program –Includes classroom visits to provide ongoing support and further orient students to high school. Topics: time management, decision making, self awareness, goal setting, college and career exploration, educational planning. Individual Meetings –Meetings with the students assigned counselor to develop goals and begin college/career planning. Early College Awareness Program –Includes trip to local college/university in the spring. Open to students in good academic standing. Participation in college information sessions led by admissions personnel. Career/College Planning –Use of Naviance/Family Connection to research careers of interest. Emphasis will be on developing career goals and matching high school preparation to career.

4 Graduation Requirements 20 Credits English4 credits Math 3 credits Science ( includes one lab science in Biology, Chemistry or Physics) 3 credits History/Social Studies3 credits ( includes US History and Civics ) Arts ( Arts, Business Technology, 1 credit Technology Education, Music, and/or Family and Consumer Sciences ) Physical Education 1 credit Health Education0.5 credits Computer Literacy0.5 credits Electives4 credits

5 Course/Credit Requirements Students must earn a minimum of 5 credits to move from grade 9 to grade 10 Grade 9 – minimum 6.5 credits Grade 10 – minimum 6 credits Grade 11 – minimum 6 credits Grade 12 – minimum 5.5 credits Most students graduate BMHS with more than 20 credits!

6 Grading Scale GPA A = 4.0 A- = 3.7 B+ = 3.3 B = 3.0 B- = 2.7 C+ = 2.3 C = 2.0 C- = 1.7 Grading System A =90 - 100 B =80 – 89 C =70 – 79

7 9 th Grade Counts! College planning begins in 9 th grade! College admissions officers review the ENTIRE transcript. Military and company recruiters will also request the students transcript. Freshman year comprises 1/3 of the college admissions decision. 1 st quarter senior year grades are also included in the admissions decision. Grades and rigor of the academic program factor into the admissions decision. Honors and AP courses are the goal. Good grades equate to a strong GPA and class rank!

8 Clubs and Activities Build your college resume now! Join clubs and athletic programs. Contact Ms. Prescott or Stabach, Class Advisors, to learn about 9 th grade specific activities. Participate in a Club Fair to learn about the various BMHS clubs. Start a club of your own!

9 Communication Visit the schools website often, specifically the Guidance Department page ( Post dates of interim and report card distribution and review with your student. Contact teachers directly via email or phone (email: last name first initial, phone: place a 1 in front of the room number). Contact your childs counselor as needed. Attend High School 101 meetings throughout the year.

10 Ladder of Referral If you have a question or concern regarding your childs progress or well being within the school program, we encourage you to follow the Ladder of Referral! The Teacher ( program, classroom policies, homework ) The Counselor, Psychologist, or Social Worker ( adjustment problems, academic problems, chronic attendance issues ) The Housemaster ( discipline ) The Principal ( policies and regulations )

11 Again, Welcome! We look forward to working with you and your child to ensure a successful and rewarding school year!

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